While considering the unemployment problems the Obama Administration dealt with on a perfect statistical arc I was caught by a notion of national unemployment as the only mode of unemployment states have ever faced. The fact that the United States tends to face economic conditions together has been unquestioned as a norm. Yet when you consider that our fifty states are a reflection of unique personalities of common interest just as nations are to the world it becomes nothing but peculiar that our states suffer depressive cycles as a group even as the world economy does not. In fact, the world economy has never succumbed to a collective depression as far as we know.

Unemployment rate during the Obama administration.

I suggest unemployment has been a misguided lever of applied struggle to the population, perhaps shortsightedly seen as a means to a federal-level solution to replace war as a regular good that states alone are unequipped to provide. Reporting job statistics at the short end (5% unemployment vs. 95% employment) is somewhat a pessimistic situation to begin with. Expectations that negativity should ripple throughout our system without stopping at the feet of any of the more powerful state economies adds to a necessary suspension of disbelief in our sustainability as a collective economic leadership on Earth.

If there were only one billion people in the world would that be enough to make all of the money we need to be happy? What if they were all in America? Could we sustain a single economic territory without outside involvement given the amount of natural resources we’re gifted with and the supports of happiness we provide as we seek it?

Assuming for a moment that the United States could not stabilize its economy without foreign trade and investment I suggest we develop a plan to do so. In doing so, I suggest we will find the awareness guiding us to long-term structures of stability for the world economy as well.

Unemployment is only an indicator of who wants to work and cannot find it. To have focused on unemployment statistics with intentionally-associated meaning to the economic condition of America on the whole has kept concern for solely domestic economic sustainability from being considered. I suggest that sustainability over time is not as much a priority for our nation as sustainability within our domestic territory at any time.

Now that we have a blueprint for improvement to reflect upon in the run-up to future unemployment issues (follow the Obama Arc) we can fix our gaze upon the flexible strength of our economic system. I suggest the components are most easily understood, at first, by their correlation to our Wealth Pool. Understanding our Wealth Pool will set the stage for understanding our economic and social personality as a nation and our personality’s contribution to the sustainable happiness of the world.

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