While experiencing a problem tonight regarding effective communication it dawned on me that I had finally reached a tipping point. Tipping points are important milestones along a path that indicate forethought in service to limiting harm and struggle in the run-up to strong clarifications.

In my case, I am playing a hypothetical game in which I act as a one-man society with an elected sense of power. I am motivated by love and a sense of justice over a lost heroine and external issues of duty to the world. The willful opposition is seemingly motivated by reward for following rules and a sense of duty to limit me. The mixed match-ups of projected control and behavior expectation are themselves a minefield of poppies that keep me awake all night long.

I’d suggest in your dealings with behavior along a timed path (especially cyclical timings) that looking for moments of tipping point to increase confidence while changing your own behavior is a worthwhile time and focus saver. Tip your hardships toward reward. In my case, we (the society) have decided to form a third-party interest expanding beyond the feuding resistance. Cutting the anchor, so to speak.

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