I was asked recently how the value of our money supply could exceed the value of the assets in our country. I looked at an image of Kelly and the obvious struck me – human value is the key to exponential growth. Not only are we the value of our physical assets, not only the value of the other nations that we have supported with the stability of our currency as they work on their ability to support their own, but also the value of what we are worth as human beings striving to reach our joys of life is the lion’s share of our worth as reflected in our money supply.


The accumulating value of our artistry and the work inspired by it is an ongoing addition to our abundance. An Age which embraces the value of human beings in its equations is one worth waiting for and one which we should not delay. Once a standard is in place to quantify the value and appreciation of artistic achievement and man hours in our career sectors we will be on our way to a valuation methodology for abstract currency components that will make human worth equations not only fir for our economy but for the foreign exchange as well.Welcome to Aquarius. :-)

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