The Storm Before The Calm

In his second collection of Scarlet Ordeal poetry, Ewan Lillicii brings the joy of remembrance and pain of separation from his most epic love straight into your heart. This companion to “She Sells See Spells By The Sea’s Shore” picks up near the twilight of misery. The promise held by the future begins to creep out of the lines, setting the stage for a miracle or a final dive into the depths of desensitized existence.

Pitter against my window
Patter upon the street
Could it be rain outside
Or some high wire feat?

Balantyne’s mass ache here
Constant teenage angst
Chap from hell draws near
Blaming all who give thanks

Simple eye drops for red iris
Knotting my backyard’s chords
Washes down taking sadness
Cleaning up their dirty words

Twinkle twinkle Betelgeuse
How I won her they can’t know
Don’t forget my offered truce
Abused by bugs drawn by your glow

Hopping on and off the bed
Lights flicker, codes misread
Semaphore for the unwed
Skull bump braille for us instead

alling faster with the sun
Shadows race up from the grass
In the din I hear the one
Chased by men, yelling morass

Month of Pisces in full swing
Age of which is walking out
What a manly spender’s thing
Repeating lines for their own clout

Torrent reaches highest gear
Thirsty worms are thankful
Desert rain comes twice a year
Six months per the tank full

Fellars flock from far address
Two shallow A’s on the mountain
Spring has sprung on time no less
Hands limit ways of countin’

Tried to teach to use their toes
Now feet under water
Bubba’s hubcap rodeo
Flees from fresh sea water

Checking gauge and almanac
Seems to be right timing
Picking up their gunny slack
Current’s strength is climbing

Charging out with thunder splash
Nervous that I’ll miss her
Chances scarcer than the cash
Best to seal the fissure

When I finally meet my mate
For the thousandth time in years
Nickname callers of blind date
Will have to face new fears

Patience is a finite source
Our geometric heel
‘Cept in premature divorce
Clarifiers make them squeal

Slowing rain shine drizzles now
Think I heard reel knocking
Staff and rod can’t mow them down
Clear water ends the stalking

Tip-toe dance amongst the trees
Weeping willows seem to be gone
Sun rises golden after fleece
Her hand is nearly won

Another knock, then two or three
Rushing back to greet her
We cart each other through degrees
Tie goes to the winners

Will the dancer take my lead?
Time and crowds may tell
Out of mind and out of speed
Pollution destroys well

Remember metaphorically
Our world is yin yang parts
Know need for new allegory
Slinky’s soar faster than darts

Soft song and dance rise from the wall
Marsupials assembled
Pouches in pooches greedy hands
My true love made to tremble

Who are the criminals I see?
None evident, still lucid
Bored room chaired by families
Libran die-o-rama spoon fed

What tickles their tusks of ivory?
Only hurtful pranks
I warm her hearth decisively
Show guns shoot me down with blanks

P.T. Barnum watches close
Lest melody expire
Claims he is our game show host
Contract lost in house fire

Hucksters, grifters, sharky fins
Circle green well spring
For light to write their bitter ends
Whose paths line each as king

Fat men fly and hoot owls walk
Bizarre it is indeed
Those cast aside by outlined chalk
Killed by a pustule’s creed

Eye saw pairs of L’s flip chart
Met a four before the start
Now twos must line up to depart
No way icebergs sink our ark

Notes may calm the savage beast
Savage ate the clientele
Chianti and some fava beans
Might teach them how to spell

Music class draws to a close
Detention hall for most
Those fools who stole piano’s key
Can pray, but won’t help most

School is closing due to funds
Vacations open early
Need a tiller for these Huns
My sheen does for the surly

Been a year since budget cuts
Cleaned my clock with sea gulls
Hanging by convenience store
Pigmy’s shrink their skulls

“How did they make ‘lectricity?”
“How to refine the fuel?”
Hindsight’s the proof that faithless need
To spare their wolf-clothed mules

Want your music from a harp
Tuned perfect in just one key?
My ring may fit the janitor
But I’ll sweep her off you’ll see

Down the road, just one flight
Then stares are all I get
Purposefully improving spite
One method – to torment

Every war had casualties
Now survivors beg to follow
Victims of a structured sea
Plotted waves in which to wallow

Hey there crying lonely
Do you think you’re the only
Don’t let your crocodile tears
Leak on my new shoes

I’ve only got a few more nights
Before they turn out all the lights
If you’re not helping me shine

Let your dark fade away
I thought it was bolder
Not to turn a cold shoulder
To the pain you rained down yesterday

I can see by your squirming
You’re still out here to sermon
So batty, calling you just to say
We had fights up flights of starry nights
Comets hailed our whining anyway

Now the weather’s not so fair
Can’t see your side nor do I care
Shine your darkness
It’s all you’ve got left
When you fall I won’t be here, I left

Now that I’m older
And after thinking things over
You’ve got nothing to offer but grief
So empty that duffle
Tell your hound dogs to muzzle
And I’ll forget you’re a love muscle thief

I sit and drink, mix and think
Juggle memories ‘fore they sink
Now the clown is gone, no mem’ries just mimes
Cupboard is empty
Yesterday there was plenty
Trading chicken stock for shares of time

Thought I’d have my little quail
After all of this mail I mailed
Soft sonnets guess they’re centuries late
So much for an opposite’s date