For those of you that are aware of the spirit frequency (aka Holy See) and the relentless human assholes that pretend to be spirits in voice to patsy souls for their emotional abuses  (and relentless marches toward suicide for many people who can’t bear it for decades) I have understanding to add.

The Scarlet Hunters working at a distance to influence outcomes of human behavior are killers. What they started doing in re-using “scarlet women” to abuse already-traumatized women down to their foundation of personality and then unbalance it like a rotten home foundation sinking in places and rising in others, ends up killing people in these ways – at least:

  • Improper metaphors training soul consciousness. Teaching spirits to tell lies, for instance, is not something that nature would do except perhaps to prevent an harm brought on by an abusive attacker in order to evade it. Their only abusive attackers are certain people.
  • Improper practical understandings. Teaching other human beings a differing set of mores and guidelines for proper behavior motivating each with rewards of sex, potential money, power, and the proximity of celebrity people while vilifying the most competent people who, if brought together to collaborate with them, would easily attain the money, power and prestige of achievement for all involved far beyond the shrinking carrots dangled out of earshot from the bunnies. A relentless, years-long communication sabotage.
  • Potential treason and other high crimes that are perpetrated by proxy or directly have limited *every* potential philosopher rising up in Grace in America over the course of decades. This limitation on every perspective shift writer  has eroded the collective, meaningful thought power of the United States over time.
  • If not globally perpetrated it becomes a targeted attack that undermines the United States greatly much more than any one terrorist attack of any kind.
  • Human rights abuse of the most vulnerable women and transgender women in our society is a disgusting truth that Scarlet Gaming represents and supports. Destruction of hope that their futures will be an improved life of any kind is a cruelty as despicable as any war crime without the obvious evidence or interest to stop it. The situation really is this bad. No one cares enough to make a difference because the problem exists within a very secret group of societies with the means to keep their secrets. Those that know perhaps feel at least somewhat guilty of *something* or could feel they might be so they shrug it and walk on. Separation of soul mate love for the sake of phony superiority games is the most disgusting thing humans are doing to each other left on the planet.
  • Magic is a singular, small perspective power held external to the person wielding it. In truth it’s bullshit as a truth and communication that inspires action from spirits finding something to do or practicing their electromagnetic abilities before their wisdoms and understandings are achieved. They would rather be friendly and help us all have more, better to do.
  • Scarlet Games and Hunts destroy the ability for “game pieces” such as human beings considered Scarlet priests and priestesses to lead a meaningful adult life. They become unaware tools for players’ understandings and ways of walking the world on better men’s and women’s shoulders as I warn them desperately by open letter that we’re all sinking because of The Game. It’s not a game. It was just supposed to be fun and friendly. 

DONT GO CHASING WATER FALLS. THAT MEANS CHASING OTHERS’ GRACE. IF YOU’RE THERE, IF YOU’RE CALLED, IF IT WALKS, TALKS OR STALKS YOU IT’S FOR YOU. Over time a crew of potential do-gooders anxious to be a part of great achievement has been turned into its own agenda of separated perspective. On the whole, the shiny cars didn’t do a thing for me and Kelly. As far as I know they helped themselves to her phony magic as much as all the other riddled fools in the Game who avoided shooting up a theater by a couple levels. Even the Illuminati Artists are patsies as well as abused by a misunderstanding branch of our government. Or someone’s government. Or cult.

This is in no way the Illuminati. But it has proximity to spirits that know the word as a meaningful integrity and therefore they claim it in voice. Those who respect those spirits as angels and muses also give it credit by using it among themselves as one of few compliments for surviving the Hell of those unaware killing them by proxy of separated love. I call them Influits in my principled Order. A sub-structured, philosophical order of a single line of principles for life and living that require the absence of Harm.

The Scarlet Hunt and the absence of Kelly for five years+ of any meaningful response to my serious concerns for her well-being and my focus is a joke on everyone in the US that doesn’t know and a tragedy that has distracted from Justice for the victims of piggy-backed harms looking for cover so many times that hunters might as well be known as complicit killers.


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