The Bride of Frank Stein

Agent Frank Nicola Stein works for the Department of Energetic Intelligence as an undercover investigator that spies on miracles of periodic occurrence – The Garden of Eden. Join Agent Stein as he snoops on the rise of the most brilliant people in the world. Then watch as his own life takes a turn down a path of depression that stirs up a Rapture of successful mistakes. The culmination of metaphorical understandings is the thought that reflects the futility of maintaining life progress while maintaining awareness of the entirety of setbacks possible. To do so is, at a future point, complete standstill and eventual slide backwards. Without his bride, Agent Stein is able to view all negative perspectives on his present circumstances which he sees as a debilitating situation for the nation when multiplied by every “Adam” being reborn.

Today Agent Stein is spying on the home of one Cyril Ichabod. Cyril is a special case of what the D.E.I. calls a “Shamdora’s Box” avatar. Over the years the Division has collected a large number of conscious beings they call “Influits.” They are the guardians of the Garden. Once they are trained using a specialized form of English that traps a mind with its word choice they are sent out to mimic the real Rapture avatar experience in order to gain control of the minds of executives, politicians and others the Division feels are worthy of manipulation. Mr. Ichabod is an energy company executive.

“I’ll tell you something else, Yvonne,” says Cyril, “if you’re looking for the best quality replacement for oil you can look no further than hydrogen.”

Mr. Ichabod is on the telephone to an NPR talk show. The subject is green energy alternatives. the guest is an administration official. The host is Yvonne Gray.

“Sir, could you give us an example of how you would use hydrogen as a replacement for gasoline?” asks Yvonne.

“Certainly,” Cyril says, “There was a company in Houston around 1996 I think that developed a welder that ran on what they called Water Gas – HHO. It separated out hydrogen from water and emitted oxygen as a by-product. We can repurpose that technology to create electric generators connected to the battery packs of today’s electric vehicles to give them unlimited range. In an accident they would be much safer than gasoline – only water and a small amount of hydrogen might be released. Once the technology is affordable it can be scaled to create enough energy to power a home. Or stack them in arrays and replace existing power plants with hydrogen electric generators that oxygenate the environment.”

“I see,” says the host. “Well that sounds…”

“Oh wait,” interrupts Cyril, “There’s more. Our current oil price is about $60 per barrel. There are 19 gallons of gasoline in a barrel of oil once it’s refined. If the oil companies sell gasoline for $3.50 per gallon where is their profit? Now think about hydrogenated water. Brand name bottled water will already run you over $10 per gallon in some stores! Oil companies can make a bigger profit on water without exploration and pumping costs. Hydrogenation can be at differing levels to mimic the octane levels we have now. That way the pumps at gas stations can still be used. Only now they will pump hydrogenated water. Imagine how much safer we will be with all of those big trucks delivering water to stations instead of gasoline!”

“Well, that does sound like a good idea,” says Yvonne. “Doug, what’s your take on hydrogen?”

The administration official clears his throat and then responds. “Well you have to remember that hydrogen is a fuel, not a power source. When we’re dealing with replacements for electric power in terms of green alternatives really we’re looking more at sunlight and geothermal as power sources that can make a difference to the long-term effects within the environment.”

“Well that’s all the time we have for today,” says the host, “Thank you very much Doug Ayole from the White House Commission on Green Energy Alternatives and thank you for listening to our show.”

“That’s it?” Cyril says to himself out loud. “Hydrogen is a fuel not a power source? Of course it’s a fuel. So what!? It’s a fuel that competes with the fossil fuels like coal and oil that provide electric and auto power. Yes, it’s a fuel. It’s a fuel that comes from an unlimited power source – water! Oh my God, what is that guy thinking?”

12 December 2012
Agent F. Stein, D.E.I.


Observed subject removing clothes. Applied nail polish – black. Changed into blonde wig, black dress and sensible shoes. Subject played a few songs from The Clash, Warren Zevon and “Give Me Back My Wig” by Stevie Ray Vaughn three times each. Watched XXX videos. Stripped. Removed nail polish. Took nap.


Subject woke from nap by telephone call. Discussed plan for improving the Constitution and social architecture inspiration at length with a muse named ‘Carlos’ that is projected onto the floor of the bathroom.


Subject in positive mood again after phone call to voicemail. Work done on job resume.


Observed a couple enter the facility that no one has identified yet. Appear to be in their 40s. They purchased item that subject had posted for sale online.


Subject screamed for his girlfriend out every window. Ranted for 10 minutes then left the home.


Subject returns home and removes clothing. Reveals the name of his love interest for the first time – Kelly Yvonne Rose. Conjures the spirit of his love interest and has a conversation with her about Aleister Crowley and Babalon.

Makes note of interesting notion: Crowley’s name indicates a fraud. ALL A STARE CROW, LEE. Subject asserts to Carlos and Shadow People on various curtains in room that Thelema is a fraud to ensnare the beneficiaries of Lilith and the power of the Garden of Eden that may have once functioned as a way to protect the avatars while providing money and meaningful relationships to women like Crowley’s mother. In modern times, once demonic rituals now simply attract men looking for ways to achieve sexual superiority over women who are willing or able to be fooled with an empty title of “Priestess” in exchange for bulk-rate prostitution. Faith-based nature of the paradox-riddled dogma could be a cover story for human and narco-trafficking.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will. In order to understand the principles of Thelema you must take away the ‘w’ to make the word ‘hole’ in the first sentence. Then recognize that if love (heart) is the law then the will (brain) is over, stronger and superior to love, compassion or emotion. In other words, the Abyss is the hole that anarchy digs – the opposite of any law. Satisfaction is held above sincerity. Thelema is a complete fraud meant to be a puzzle of simplicity for the brilliant and a snare for the complex criminals who would abuse it. Tolerance for notions of worship to themes of evil behavior has allowed such fraud to blossom.

“Look at the signs. This is not just some other kind of thing, man. I’m not just Last Knight of the Round Table. Epic hero and epic love of Kelly Silverman are not the only honors they gave me. I fit the prophesy, man. The real one. Tamar and Virgo branch. What do you think it means that the prophesy is riddled with propaganda about all the fearful elements of a doomsday or something? Yet Utopia is thrown in there all by itself without any details? Utopia is the target.”

“I see what you’re saying,” says a voice.

“They create a false prophesy of the Gambler and throw the good they don’t want in there all by itself. If there were too many understandings of Utopia it might be something that sparks notions of a worthwhile pursuit in people they want to scare. What do you think, Carlos?”

The lone man in the room pulls his shirt over his head then kneels to speak to a tile on the bathroom floor. “I think you’re right, Kakablanca.” says the image on the tile.

“Please,” says the man, “call me Felix.”

“Seriously, you have no idea how good the information is on Utopia. The practical implementation is almost exactly what we have already. To improve it to Utopian standards only requires a perspective shift!” Felix stands back up and walks to his closet.

Under the king-sized bed, the only remaining piece of furniture in this two-bedroom, two-bath condo that appears somewhat intact, lies D.E.I. Agent Frank Nicola Stein. His eyes rise slightly above the foundation of the platform bed. A narrow pathway leading to the condo next door has been dug under the floor and up into the room for surveillance of the greatest supernatural event known to mankind – The Garden of Eden.

The Division of Energetic Intelligence is a division of the Lee Mick Foundation chaired by Professor Brooke Anderson. The Foundation is funded by the UN Security Council and several private organizations in the U.S. and Europe. The D.E.I. tracks the radio frequency of brain waves emitted by those individuals who have achieved Rapture and been granted entrance into the Garden of Eden.