A fondly remembered game of adults played out in my life recently. I have no words for the true nature of the thing except to call it naturally selected evolution. The education of ideal artistry towards, from and in collaboration with Chi (X). In other words, the spirits and spirited frequently associated with success along a Graal path. In mine, I follow a path of Social Architecture.

Sitting in a corner of a small European hotel room as an opera of deadly revolt and squelch played out below the window I came to these conclusions of understanding:

Sine Wave Games never end. There is no reason to expect a conclusion. Only arcs find conclusion.

Generalizing the four main types of personality along astrological lines – fire, water, air and earth – there are two which will attend these games longest. Air and Water. Fire signs tend toward leadership. Therefore, fire signs jump in to take the lead of a situation from air and water people flowing in a casual wave of fun and change their perception to one of achievement. Upon completion they are ready to consider a send tier of play or to leave the Game all together. Earth signs are a more moderate player of Sine Wave Games. The turbulence often leaves people broke and unsettled in the long run. Therefore, Earth signs give up and go back to work.

Looking at the consistency of players from the Gender perspective I see women holding on just as long as men. The tenacity of women to the Games appear to be a function of compassion or personal fulfillment. Whereas the tenacity of men tends toward a goal of superior conclusion, challenge or emotional struggle/challenge. Transgender people are a unique tenacity of belonging. The tend to function in the center of surrounding cycles of play. As long as these cycles revolve outward they are seemingly functional. When they digress toward concentric or inward movement of outcome or detail they become dysfunctional for those in the middle and increasingly for those around them.

From the interpersonal perspective, Sine Wave Games offer fire and earth signs the benefit of consistent dating service. Those approaching 50 years of age of complimentary gender are motivated to unattend. To achieve leadership or consistency of behavior in the eyes of an air or water sign is a benefit to long-term success.

Where is my Libra Dragon?

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