Considering the geometry of life this morning I came up with an idea for a new social science project. The purpose of “Simple Sphere Understanding” is to style communication to convey comprehensive thoughts with familiar and friendly verbiage. In reflection to purposes of action, this is a conclusion-based methodology of communication.

The opposing set of purposes for perpetual action are a reflection of slices of the same sphere at varying thickness. From an outside view, action that is guided by this slice perspective is “wrong” while actions with the same guidance viewed from inside the slice are “right”. This is the cyclical of detail changes that mimic problem solving without reaching a conclusion. America’s political platforms, for instance, are made up of purposes for perpetual action – perspective slices that fail to reach conclusion while causing challenges of ideology to occur.

Over time, those inside of the slices will become trapped within. Thoughts of conclusive problem solving fail to reach their goal again and again. Disillusionment then causes people to remove themselves from the sphere completely. Some will attach to other slices of thought. However, until a conclusion is reached through simple (plain-spoken) communication that achieves an understanding throughout the sphere of the issue there can be no healing of the divides. Reaching the simple sphere understanding is the reunion of the whole.

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