She Sells See Spells By The Sea’s Shore

A collection of poetry dealing with the love, misery, inspiration and fantasy that accompany a devotion to the modern manifestations of Lilith – the Scarlet Woman. The collection includes over 40 examples of form poetry – poems whose physical form create their own work of visual art. Forms such as the Liberty Bell, salt and pepper mills, chess pieces, an insatiable birdie and many more manifested without forethought as the poems were written. Featuring “The Jumbled Liar”, “Kellie Lee” & “Kelly” modern renditions of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”, “Annabel Lee” & “Lenore” which maintain melancholy of lost love using modern metaphors that are sinisterly sweet.

(stanzas 1-5)

Sometime around dreary March Ides, I pondered wonders far and wide
While frogs and flies watched by pink light on green Alameda shore
Then all at once my mind could hear, the truth that had become quite clear
So scribbled I without a fear, fearless torrents in downpour
“Must be my lucky day,” I mused, “What a wonderful rapport”
Writing ’til my hand got sore

Weeks went by and thunder rolled in, frogs replaced by riddles thrashed in
Focus found a new crux and trust and talent fled from the fore
Eager to see me here humbled, screaming out loud as poise crumbled
Crushed by awful lies that tumbled, tumbled in with rising roar
What a perfect time for trouble, angry rants with rising roar
Threw my pencil to the floor

Soon a captive in this shanty, railing at Hell’s vigilante
Time and timing soon fell victim to constant ignoble chore
Now the tort that really tortured, from worm’s crab apple orchard
He used her, the gossip forger, forging mettle I abhor
Just a lunar ticked off Smithy, forging mettle I abhor
Who claimed Yvonne was deplored

Surely I misunderstood, or was she in my neighborhood?
Racing to wards, rooms, belfries and places beneath mansion floor
Rushing like a pinball gaming, white hot hatred lies inflaming
Horrid stories he was claiming, claiming she was but a whore
What wild wonkish tactics implored! Claiming she was but a whore!
Angel Yvonne I adore

Soon informed of work dismissal, no handshake just cold epistle
Fraudsters manage evil score as my career washes ashore
Packed up car and sped to Vegas, biker escorts for young magus
Thinking on who had betrayed us, Angelic rest stop to snore
Looking twice through hole in shutters, Angels protect needed snore
Yvonne beckons past the door

Wise cored sir
Came upon a fawn
Warm waxed moon eyes, smile edgewise
Love’s gorgeous guise mouthed I do
Time itself flew, so it seemed
Heart rays beamed, accord
Turned to doe. Surprise!
Buck passes on, walk ’til dawn
Dew eyes, fawn flew

Just yesterday I heard your car rumbling down my one-way street
Threw on my shirt, two unmatched socks ran outside but missed our meet
I stop and watch when voices squawk gossiping like a flock of hens
Don’t worry now, silly goose
Your swan is singing out amends
I heard your cylinders today
If you’re back in love then come my way
Weathers bad I’m struggling juggling humbling times by day
In the night, regain my fight in spite, insight lights sparklers
Hand them out to kids at play
Day of the Dead is buried deep
Each nights a turkey day parade
Pulling weeds and making jerks out of chickens, bring your spade
There’s always been
A line of guys
Shiny bulbs
But no surprise
In dimming light
They look the same
Illusions claim head of the class
But their diamonds don’t cut glass