djinn-friends800x400Look from a distance and you will see the shadow scientist on my sliding patio door. He is one of the Martians that are now Earthlings. Many of them love living on Earth but would rather return to Mars where they prefer the vibration of the planet.

Lucky for us. Enough friends that can blow a big bubble and hold it there provide just enough atmosphere for pioneers to breathe on Mars while the others slowly build up enough surface area to surround the planet with an expanding atmosphere. I saw similarly sized beings assaulted away from Las Vegas by often stationary helicopters surrounding the city every night.

Look again at the purplish static to his right. The face is bigger on his friend there. You’ll likely notice others  if you are looking with the right kind of eyes. You know when these kinds of photographs are authentic by the fact that the faces resonate around and among each other. Cubists!



Shadow People are earthlings that appear as shadows cast against fabric and walls. Sometimes they are free-floating and take the shape of people you know. When it is quiet your “third eye” (really a number of brain inputs that lie mostly dormant) can interpret for your brain and you hear them.They are intelligent, personable and often misunderstood due to lack of ability to hear what they are saying and correlations of scary situations that are better explained in a compassionate perspective. For example, I have heard of people being awakened to the feeling of strangulation. More likely is that the shadow people have descended onto a person to use proximity as a means to be heard. In doing so they can draw the moisture out of your mouth. Waking to a super-dry throat can feel as though you are gasping for air.

That doesn’t mean that interacting with Shadow People is always a misunderstood fun. Reaching an understanding with any group of beings for whom you have no clear perspective is a difficult enough task when they are segments of the human population. Take away bodies (and the perspective of a shared emotional understanding) and things can get off-course quickly. They are, for instance, experts at verbal delay tactics and will make assertions to play shell games with the credibility of that assertion’s source. While this may be learned behavior to avoid harm from a by-gone era it is inexcusable to play delay, blame and guilt games when something so vital to a human being such as a lost love or a sincere necessity to communicate with another could be the difference between life or death – from your perspective. From their perspective, playing a role as the look or sound of the family and friends of your birth is an indication of their support and friendliness towards you. Their urgency is to teach you something you must have appeared ready to understand – timing. Or to get you in the comfort zone of a celebrity lifestyle.

For the Shadow People it is often the difference between making a reasonable spokesman who will use his gifts for communication to assist in bridging the divide between bodiless consciousness and human understanding or making a lifelong enemy with expert communication skills in service to resentment and recrimination. The flip-side of indifference is no deference. Both preferable to the manipulations that lie in between in my opinion.

In the coming months I will document what I know about these and other entities and situations I have come in contact with over the past few years. If you have any sincere and honest input (opinion, stories, photos, video, etc) to share I am happy to include it in the discussion with or without attribution. What I do not want to do is borrow anyone’s perspective or demand to change anyone’s opinion of their personal experience with these beings whom, I believe, are bodiless human souls in waiting or in the after-life of having been a human.

Shadow People On My Ceiling from ewanlillicii on Vimeo.

To get things started, here’s a video of some of them performing. Take a look at different distances from the screen and in differing perspective angles. That’s the trademark of a true supernatural animation – it looks different from differing perspectives (resonating truth).

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