***–Congratulations on marriage equality. The following is still relevant for its understanding of reflection to solve a social problem.

In a recent news story regarding same-sex marriage in Nevada, the author quoted Ralph Reed when drawing a connection between the marriage issue and slavery.

Same sex marriage is about the expectation that the government provide equal treatment to two individuals that arrive at the courthouse to enter into a contract. It is a small issue. It is a secular issue. It is a widely misunderstood issue as a result of these kinds of outrageous parallels used to inflame either side into a bitter, drawn-out religious, ethical and moral debate over contracts.

The US Government should be expected to grant marriage contracts to the two people who show up to sign them. Everything else is chatter. If there’s a good reason to avoid this then it’s up to a government representative to explain. Whatever they decide – follow it. 🙂

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