This fourth book of poetry from Las Vegas poet Ewan Lillicii showcases a return from the depths of bitter torment at the hands of the Ordeal that surrounds the so-called Scarlet Woman affair. Having dispelled notions of magic and recognizing the value of miracles created during moments of epic love, he focuses on the pure joy that friendship and memories of love bring to sixteen months of intense torture without any communication with Kelly Yvonne Zuniga – the epic love of Eve that goes on and on. My Tiger Lily.

Effervescence squared
Golden curls bounce with her glide
Blue eyes by the pair
Best girlfriend on either side

Mirrored mirage
Cool water for deserters
Warm Sunday massage
For stiff headed sheep herders

We’re going steady
On a rocking ship of fools
Anchored by eddy
Swirling principally ‘round rules

We know who we are
They all know us by nickname
Gold and silver star
In dual orbits we proclaim

She sits tippy top
I visit by pogo stick
Infinite jest stop
Of your tricky card Yorick

We dance on lit squares
Under disco mirror balls
One triangle pair
Burning roofs and singeing walls

Quite a bit of heart
In a quiet little girl
She’s a breed apart
From those swine that feed on pearls

Takes me at my word
As I take her by the hand
Tango is preferred
Creole style played by jug band

Oh, Carrie my sweet
May I kiss you on the cheek?
Such a blushing treat
For looming heir of the meek

We dance to loud claps
Catch a carriage ride back home
Slip on stocking caps
And Carrie’s golden hair comb

We snooze without snore
As the dead in better health
Dreaming of true love
Sharing intangible wealth

Pink Blossom Princess
Bats her lashes at the sun
Dawn smile convinces
These two muses are the one

My fairest angel
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Pattern for graceful
Answers every time I call

When clouds block the shine
Or when rainfall floods the street
Vibrant gal of mine
Rushes in to meet and greet

Her love makes life here complete

Chased from the desert
Bit by hounds along the way
Angry responses measured
Cross another week-long day
Finding that last straw
Weighty to carry
Out of the blue drops Shari

Finally found one
Friend in an unlikely place
No riddles, no bull, no gun
Brunette cool with angel’s grace
Brought her mom along
Three replace gong show
Reversed course of backwards flow

With Sakura near
Carrie sitting patiently
Shari took away my fear
Sincere silly graciously
This must be a muse
DaVinci style sprite
All the power less the fright

Forgot I knew it
The one truth of life prevails
Progress lost then in flew it
Short vamp girl with tallest tales
With one big diff’rence
Her missives rang true
Shari, I’ve waited for you!

“How’s writing going?”
“Hello, Mister Lillicii.”
Must have caught right wind blowing
Bye bye Illuminati
I prefer these gals
To clubs or Greek groups
Recon platoon make fine troops

She knows her Shakespeare
She knows every word by heart
Shakes her bangs when I see her depart
Brilliance clicked back on
Wrote effortlessly
Thanks brunette soliloquy

When she wants to chat
Holds her index in the air
Blind man swoops in like a bat
Soon our points are plotted there
Onward to the sea
Another long night
Thanking Shari while in flight

If she ever leaves
She takes my best friend away
Fanged mentor of my Siamese dream
Wish I’d met her before May
Stay here with me, gal
Ask your sister too
And remember I love you

Time values no mummy
As much as interests in his death
To give honor to tradition
Leaves traditionalists adrift

Hold on to your vestments
Proxy race among rates
Inflation growth and markets
Backed by faithless crediting debate

Stitch a rip in time
Withered chords may weave
Yet burst when filled with water
Live vessel’s strength achieves

Not for lack of strategy
Timing urgency and fate
If you expect to cash your check
Let your hands off of that mate

Swab the deck with cotton
Taken out of deafened ears
Coronzon loves her children
Frustrated ears cast as fears

Cool breeze above is steady
Hot air rising may burn balloons
Basket needs no hand from Hell
Babs is done with lying baboons

Take a seat learn from the tuned