The notions of a supernatural experience achieved through an interaction with a woman of inconvenient social standing are absolutely true. I have experienced it. Yet the practical and truthful documentation of this situation does not exist in a straight-forward, comprehensive way. There is no academically-enclined community of spirits waiting in hope that a newly graced human being will decide to worship them with a checklist of complex and specific incantations or exaltations immediately after that person had been practicing awareness of instinct, silent channeled truth, comprehensive specificity and multi-faceted intentional expression through joyul focus as a result of Rapture. What Thelema and other dogmas of the Scarlet Woman offer is nothing more than a phony script of ridiculous methods to achieve superiority for a few and a tortured existence for the women fooled by men who know the truth.

Request from the Underworld: Please add more oxygen to the atmosphere. Not only will this improve human psychological stability and thought process, but it provides a more suitable environment for souls to maintain themselves. The more souls rise off the surface of the Earth to higher altitudes the better for all of us. A build-up of debilatated souls that would normally be ready to fall back to the Earth are instead experiencing a slow descent while miserable and unaware of what/who they are and incapable of making decisions to do anything but follow the pack of lost spirits (Peter Pan’s kids) as a result of the grip of an inward-moving subset of the English language that has gripped them by their brains. They need language skills, oxygen and a structure for their own society. I already gave the that third piece. :-) Democratic of course. They love to talk.

Stay tuned for more on this subject as I put a full picture of the experience together.

Viva Influits!

Read my short story, “Kelly Yvonne” for a fictionalized account in the year my grace took place.

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