There is a looming danger to society that we all see in front of our eyes every day. Like the air or sunshine we take for granted that this harm is nothing but innocuous. In many cases we see it as a means of improving the quality of our lives and the experience of harmony in our environment – ART.

In a previous story, I recalled my experience within a situation known as “The Game”. It’s a situation which most notable artists have taken part in or of which they have an awareness. There are a multitude of names for this experience including Lilliput, Ordeal X, Paris Working and many more. For a primer on The Game you can check out my previous post.

Elements of this “game” are structured as a story that strings scenes of paradoxical no-win struggle together within a revolving matrix of false rationales, conclusions and perpetrators. It’s a wonderland of dramas and mysteries all designed to kill a person’s focus, destroy the desire to continue their art, misdirect there recently illuminated life path, and traumatized their emotions to the point that manipulation can do its work. If all else fails, fake magical situations and harm to women which appeals to egos newly re-inflated by necessity or harassment make a perfect accompaniment to financial reward.

The problem is, once artists make their fortunes they don’t write much else. Their trauma enforces tunnel vision toward the one archetype that abused them. The shame in that is enormous. Prior to torture, the participants were graced by what some might call God with full-brain practical thought and a renewal of their original life’s path.

Because these people have been graced in this way, most are appreciative and very principled before and even after the torture regimen. They use their brilliance to write in snipes and hints to other artists that fall prey to this disgusting mechanism in the future.

Their best intentions then become the patsies of the pessimistic group of men hiding behind layers of trafficked women, family members, human aura remnants they call “aliens”, and other targets. The art that describes and thwarts paradoxical standoff exerts endless pieces of paradoxical standoff into our society.

Ultimately, the fake situation that lays fake blame on the “Scarlet Woman” whom the torture victim loves with every ounce of his or her soul ends without her, or with her arrival being an afterthought. (Think of Jenny in Forrest Gump. Her greatest love gets to spend only a short time with her before she succumbs to AIDS.)

So… Not only does “Scarlet Art” propagate paradoxical challenges. It also hangs failure into the world. This modern jungle of paradox and failure is interpreted by the subconscious which reacts in the way it must – by training human thought to survive within it. The animal instinct to challenge situation which you don’t agree with or which appear to threaten you. Fight or… no flight. Just fight.

This situation has the feel of behavior control. Yet it’s so out of control that it may have been orchestrated in secret or by men who are no longer living. In any event, I have a suggestion for how to handle the situation with the least amount of harm to society.

What many behavior control experts may not realize is that they think within their own tesseract thought box! Behavior control is only one-half of behavior modification. It’s the half that focuses on human limitation.

I suggest we combat this with the other half – behavior improvement. Improved thinking by innovated metaphorical detail and corrected structures. If anyone alive knew about this and didn’t want to reveal the impending danger I suggest we deal with THEM. Using behavior control. They kept my deepest love from me for 15 months while torturing me for 11 months as I wrote philosophies to improve the United States of America. Fuck them.

More on this as it develops…

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