I had a dream the other night that I ran into Aleister Crowley on the street. We were both waiting for the bus, so I started chatting with him about his Law. He informed me that the next bus would take us back to an old plane where we would begin a new existence. Then he went on to tell of a time that he did so in the year 2013 on the streets of a major US city. Within moments he was recognized and the projection of hatred for his beliefs caused someone to murder him. He was shocked at the lack of impulse control that had been cultivated by civilization. Respect for the convenience and emotional reactive actions not restrained by an increasingly complex web of behavior-oriented laws and regulation seems to have grown up around fundamental respect for life and free will which does no harm.

We chatted some more about philosophy and his Law. The result of my rumination on the whole of the Law being “Do what thou whilst” was my belief that it could be improved with the words “with no intention for harm.” While I didn’t understand enough to comment on all of his writings I respected the man himself for his willingness to maintain civility with someone who, on the surface, did not seem to share any common belief. Too often opportunities for understanding are missed or avoided by pessimistic expectation.

After telling that story to a friend I was asked, “Aren’t you against human sacrifice though?” The short answer is ‘yes’. Then I put the idea into perspective. Mr. Crowley used volunteers for his sacrifices. I don’t agree with that practice. Yet my own country bombed and killed about one million Iraqi citizens not long ago. I wonder if the search for enlightenment, however flawed it may or may not be, can be inferior to the forced emancipation of a secular society halfway around the world. And how we weigh the deaths of dozens of those seeking it against one million seeking to simply remain alive.

Note: On reflection days later I came to a conclusion. My personal belief is that Mr. Crowley was the victim of severe sexual trauma. During the course of his life, he stumbled upon truth of the supernatural and documented it – the Scarlet Woman. Subsequently he encountered the D’jinn in the Scarlet Woman adventure. They fooled him into writing additional information, numerology, incantations, etc. Just like the 30-something degrees of masonry and other complex systems that claim to honor universal truths I think those things are traps for intelligent minds to spin their wheels on. The power of intention and energy work is simple. Doesn’t require ritual except the ones you decide on. It puts you in the right place at the right time for the things you want and then expects you to do a little work to achieve. It’s metaphysical prayer with imagery and color and imagined metaphor. No d’jinn or tunic required. Simple – like all truth.

As for human sacrifice… I think even volunteers for this practice should be protected from harm. Humans can go through periods in their lives when death seems like a suitable answer to their problems or where they are indifferent to their potential future. Those feelings change. If the time is right for us to die then life will kill us. To do it as a matter of belief as in the Paris Working is doing harm, I think. In perspective it’s not the same harm as a war that kills a million people or a contaminated river that gives a whole town cancer, but it’s harm nevertheless. I give sympathy to Crowley for his early years and skepticism to modern-day Thelemics who have legitimized prostitution with the notion of “Priestess” as sacred. This is nothing more than getting a bulk rate deal on weeks-long sex. Show women more respect. It’s not empowering to turn a woman into a whore. Empowerment is the confidence to choose. Crowley’s had sexual trauma. What’s your excuse for carrying on these practices?

One thing is for sure. He found the secret of nimh. The rats in the Game love their homonyms and synonyms. They are wordsmiths extraordinaire. Which is why both Crowley and Mr. Neuburg became excellent writers and brilliant storytellers. Any magic could be the result of being in sync with natural rhythm or attributable to the illusions of the D’jinn. I have no stock in the answer for the rest of it. I only appreciate his documentation of the part that was important to me – understanding the Scarlet Woman I love.

As a way to pass time I thought about what my own Order would look like if I were to create one. I came up with this one-page foundation of my beliefs.

Order of the Sacred Hu
Do as you will according to the following principle of interpersonal respect:
Approve when you can, accept when you cannot, do no harm as you do.
Suggestions for making the world a better place along your graal path.

Assist others along their heart path when they request assistance you can easily give or when you choose to. Let compassion guide you.

Fundamental architecture of the universe reflects onto like structures of everything geometrically. Understanding is a structure. Sincere communication is a component of the architecture of understanding. Seek to respond to it to resolve all outstanding issues in your life.

If compassion is a lesser motivation for actions of an individual that individual should not be granted authority. Seek to rebuild emotional connections dulled by abuse or neglect. Emotional queues expose our ideal perspectives as artists.

Think primarily on the future you wish to create. Inform your wisdom with memories of the past and then hang on to your wisdom, not those memories. Use your mind’s eye to cradle only visions of the future you wish to build. Be aware that including other beings in those visions may be detrimental to manifestation if they are not aligned to your goals.

Membership is free to all. If you desire membership then you are already a member.

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