As we come to what feels like a turning point to me, I think on what to do as a tribute to the Piscean Age. Then it occurred to me – tabulate our progress. The Bible, Koran, and other Holy books have served mankind well for thousands of years. Yet we know that the Creator didn’t use a robe, candles, or songs to create our Universe. If we expect to return to that place of power we will, gradually, shed our dogmas for more precision of awareness and quality of intention and focus. So how are we doing?

Charting the assumptions, motivations, and limitations of the detail in these books and how they have effected mankind individually and as a whole would be a great start to understand what elements we have succeeded at and where we need improvement. Project management for human progress. At the same time, removing some of the fairytale aspects that were built in to motivate less knowledgeable humans than we have today will help bring congregations back together in new, improved lights as the texts become more meaningful. For instance, did Jesus walk on water? Who cares! Unless he was saving a drowning victim he probably wouldn’t have wasted his power on showmanship.

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