While admiring a method of creating fractal images with Photoshop the other day I started thinking about the metaphor of fractals to Sacred Geometry. Conclusion: It is an incomplete and misleading one. Most representations forget about the asymmetry of art.


To understand Sacred Geometry in 3D matter at a fundamental level, where most of the truth is at, separate structure and detail. For instance, you may have read that the ratios of the Milky Way galaxy are identical to the human eye and sea shells. Think of the ratios as the structure. The detail is the matter, the color, the sound, the sparkle in someone’s big brown eyes. To represent these things as a fractal without asymmetrical colors and styles alone is to accentuate the math and minimize the art.

Just as the structure which can be explained mathematically is a component of life, so too is consciousness. Intentionally asymmetry. Art. Could this derive from a being with intention to do so or from so many multitudes of options that the variety simply appears unique? Who cares. It’s beauty. Maybe at a later time that understanding will be important. Admire those sparkling eyes.

Think about how the same fractal that serves as a metaphor for different objects could also be used as an abstract metaphor for the way that collections of knowledge are grouped, shared and understood.

Overlapping of pyramids within a fundamental structure as shown in the image on this blog post is a metaphor for other aspects of our being and environments too. The notion that multiple religions can be “correct” and yet differ at the same time can be explained graphically by two or more circumscribed, overlapping pyramids. Your Pope-like figure is at the top and the congregation of millions farther down. Simple understanding that breeds respect for each other, from math that creates Bonsai trees.

If you’re interested in another idea along these lines, read my post on a suggestion for how the universe is organized in relative time and reflections.

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