In a Nutshell: Modular corporate structure with an inner complement of fundamental corporate roles and multiple occurrences of attached leadership and management roles connected by patent-able business methods germane to the overall architecture allowing shared community resources of fundamental concern (CFO, Marketing, Branding, CIO, etc) empowering entrepreneurs to achieve full working corporations with minimal cost when they attach themselves and their mission-focused employees in support of the platform invention.

Benefits of this geometry include the ability to close down individual held structures with no negative impact to the attached ongoing concerns and ease of detachment for held modules that seek to create their own senior management-level complements as they mature.

This corporate structure can facilitate ease of ownership for apprentices within a platformed product incubator utilizing a shared, fundamental corporate structure for entrepreneurs. Costs for scale are mitigated up to the limit of what the fundamental can operate making the operating costs of the fundamental structure a reasonable burden for the platform incubator to bear.

This corporate structure also makes sponsorship of platform incubators possible. Independent professional services groups catering to an industry and seeking a share of the growth potential can easily gift themselves into the fundamental structure when the incubator’s ownership seeks to minimize their costs or involvement. Even spin-offs and partnerships can find value in the modularity for the clear separation of its business focus from a parent or partner organizations.

When viewed from the perspective of an idea proving ground this architecture allows growth of the successful entrepreneurships to easily maintain as lesser successes detach with the result becoming business units of a mature corporation no longer in need of platform incubation benefits.

Finally, in nation’s supporting long-term master-planning of their progress this corporate architecture makes it easy to fund by grant, angel or other investments the specific improvements presented by the platform as well as all apprentice entrepreneurs involved in role modeling its value to the consumer.

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