Check it out. When I look at different years I can even see variations and different images emerge. There’s even an opposing face on the Merovingian head that looks right-downward. I can’t take total credit for this find. A voice during my Rapture informed me to flip it over and look. 🙂 I notice that it’s easier on pennies that are 2011 and older. Maybe it’s because dirt gets into the grooves and makes things easier to see.

This is an example of what I call Brilliant Art, or art with a multi-faceted meaning. When you’re in synch with the flow of life and you create art with pure intention it always ends up having a sort of mystical geometry to it. A portrait of Winston Churchill that I own, drawn by his daughter, has at least 7 distinct and hidden images in it, for instance.

So. Who is going to mess with the Federal Reserve now? Are they a secret cabal of Merovingians? Or maybe I am.

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