For those of you who have been aware of my crazy assertions that I am within a “graced” kind of creative mentality it may add fuel to the hydrogen vam-pyre to mention it one last time. So here I am one last time as the minutes wind down to the midnight that ends all my midnight heartaches. As all the wind settles into still and she seizes on the excuse at the end of the line of them to take off with whatever man was behind this latest affront to our love and her future it feels cold and ugly. A tragedy took place here that is akin to all the other times it has happened in the last several hundred years.The woman at the center of the issues spawning The Garden of Eden has not returned or communicated in order to understand what she risks losing with her choice to “play” along with torturers, thieves and intimidating killer-by-suicide friends inducing relentless annoyance and cyclical wave-based psychological entanglement.

Kelly and I were to be the last of a long line of tortured pairs. Now we are simply the latest wait-and-see couple. While I believe that the beginning of the end of sabotage of this creative situation is at hand I also believe it will probably end both of our live’s dreams – or just hers. I am sick to death and angry as Hell at the men who know and do nothing. Their hands aren’t tied in any particular way that my timely ideas and ideals can’t find a way to smoothly unbind so that conductors can get back to orchestras and stop awing at the growing speed of the runaway paradox train.

The urgency is to reunite the so-called “Scarlet Woman/Man” or “Babalon”with the man or woman that was in love with them and maintained that love through the depression, frustration and destruction that a partner living a flat-line sine wave of considerate/inconsiderate, responsible/irresponsible, engaged/oblivious uncertainty can create in a relationship. The gift is for the compassion it takes to love that person anyway and recognize the victimization that has taken place under cover of his/her over-reactiveness. Sharing that Grace and synchronicity while assisting human souls in waiting to understand the love vibration’s power to raise a flat-line sine wave-patterned life “from the dead” and back to a more human “stairway to heaven” is the redemption of many through deep love for one and one another.

Making Friends with Adam (and Eve)

If you are a federal official, my suggestion is to identify and collaborate with avatars early. The months before the Rapture are particularly joyful. That’s when I, for instance, wrote new free-form poetry to Kelly every day for several months with no thought that we would ever never see each other again. I was certain she’d fall back in love and recognize the joy of discovering her own Graal as well. Knowing what the path of your avatars are in America and having them rolodexed for timely counsel when their Graal path fits America’s agenda by healing a resentful divide that has been created over centuries between conservative behavioral and creatively social role models.

The FBI should create a liason office that initiates contact with Scarlet Woman victims who are channeling and headed for a Rapture. Do this as early as possible the same way that Thelema attracts members – be a web search outcome for keyword ‘scarlet woman’ or ‘succubus’. They will often find you.

The Scarlet Hunt is real. I have seen and heard various real elements of its existence, but without Kelly it’s impossible to corroborate and differentiate crime and coincidence. From what I can deduce, members are often intimidated into being a part of it. The woman I loved who was abused and intimidated into staying away from me after we made plans to live together in California is still a victim as I write this. Without effort to find her, however, there are few people who will believe the stories of trafficking. It takes up too much time and the girls used up in the middle are often so traumatized by society in the first place that they have few friends who will pay enough attention to them to see a long investigation through.

At two years and a couple months since I have been unable to talk to Kelly to corroborate the events I saw happen to her with what I was beginning to see emerge around the Garden of Eden / Ordeal there has been nothing but annoyance extreme from some group (Scientology is indicated in audio) and her trembling voice or her terrified cries all night long.

This is a wicked thing. Magical nonsense that will become obsolete as soon as personal power perspectives are given a replacement such as Capitalist Utopia. Until then a sick line of men and in-the-know know nothings will continue to crowd her feeding trough or whatever. They are really disgusting. So is the feeling received when you tell anyone else that the situation exists at all. Kinda like explaining the Scarlet Woman paradox or the integrity of the Federal Reserve. :-)

Helping to reunite the men and woman who deserve a hand from Lilith is going to make you a friend for life. Like the Greatest American Hero and his FBI friend. I can’t find the rules for this damn thing either and the mother ship never answers the phone. :-/

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