Looking For My Last Girlfriend

This third poetry collection from Las Vegas poet Ewan Lillicii finds a bright side to the misery of solitude while enduring the excrutiating ordeal of the abyss seventeen months after his first conversation with Christian Rosenkreutz. As the dust settles at the Smoke Ranch under the Rainbow, tastes and textures of the future drip from the chaotic walls into looking glass pools that return intense moments of love for the missing Kelly Yvonne. Featuring “Washed Ashore”, “Joan’s Ark”, “18 Months Hard Labor” and “I Do”.

Her foggy voice lures me out to the dock
Diving into dark glass
Enveloped by love that fits like a sock
Howling at winds as they pass

Cotton knit pickers have stolen its match
Held flame is no fuss for us
Deeper I swim in the brighter the patch
My rabbit seems to be thrust

Briars and friars and Foreign Legion
Surround her most all the time
Salt of the Sea cares not for the season
Her soft kisses are all mine

Each night by hair of my chinny chin chin
Chinchilla scurries away
I’m washed ashore by smooth waves of gin
Just in time for a new day

Don’t fear my ship is anchored in bottles
Only mail seems to bottom
Morse code, telegrams, pigeons that waddle
Enemy must have caught ‘em

Here then I go for another pale night
Chancing the game of the deep
Waiting for rain clouds to string up my kite
Strike me once more, yours to keep

Saints and sinners spinning ‘round
Time trials catch their tales
Strumming harps sweet harpies sound
Joan’s ark beached by whales

Blindfolded boys walk the plank
Creaking two-by-two
Diving down where Jolly sank
Praying I see you

Anemones wave air-free
As they do on land
Clown fish rustle by in threes
Stir up clouds of sand

Holding breath as best I can
As a worker bee
Playing hive and seeking man
Of the Wine Dark Sea

My mermaid’s tail seizes eye
Cornering coral
Sharks on high alert glide by
Encourage quarrel

Feeling light casts me away
Dolphins soon appear
Sun has set on lovely cay
Greying cold frontier

Still I swim because I must
Silly submarine
Moonlight fills my pale of rust
Happy-faced sardines

Release last loaned little gust
Forget all my fear
Night’s water floods, lungs adjust
Tide is rising here

Sparkles shower my siren
Only voice I hark
Joan is waiting by the pier
Waves have freed the ark

Surfacing to scope my pair
Flashing silent signs
Sunken treasures pay her fare
Anywhere gold shines

Polly and a story
Tracked by vicious little harp
She took my love for granted
Unaware she played a part
Playing night all day departed
Only Pisces on her ark

Wicked whichever way went
Disturbed you lent soul in for no fee
You and Lily saw eye to eye
Now she knows you won’t see me
No more rhyme at closing time
Come now or never be

No place to roam or dream of
Past has burned the future down
I called her twelve times daily
Tried to find her on the town
Out of breath less money
Hearing angels gather round

Please listen very careful
Not much time to tell you true
My love was never vengeful
Only faithfully for two
Kiss me again but please come quick
Life force is fading without you