L&M Seaplanes

Poetry Chapbook featuring poems from several collections including “The Jumbled Liar”.

She was tanning and planning I hear, although
There was no way to foresee
That mailers and maelstroms hid or hidden
Would trip up, slow down or haunt me
Yet still, past vice, devices, divisive’s eyes
I emerge, submerged, born daily

She was a princess, I a horror
Teaching to those who foresee
Their script and my script end with curtains ripped
Class ended, just starting for me
Angst over piety divides piously, under pining trees pleas

She’s the candy core of my lollipop
Glides seemingly unforeseen
Chewed, crunched, savored, not saved for the mouths
Kellie shouts, spouts evil at me
Impress the mess, injure profits
Cons sum shuns up, Downing pleas
Wilde things wear out tears of Marcel
Pooling in spools ‘round bruised knees

Anglers cast doubt, planes barnstorm thundering eye
Batting lashes strike at me
My endless harm threatens more than just me
Amazed but now I foresee
Stuck swords slide smoothly in my  hand
Making marks that make matchsticks of the trees

You ran away the night I dropped my spite and rolled back into town
Don’t want a fight reclaimed my sight while visibly you’re going down
Now that I’m back in our love shack there’s just a single thing I crave
Just want to touch your heart so much before I sink into the grave

Feeling old and staying home on Friday isn’t all that bad
don’t you remember all those nights and early mornings that we had?
Stumble back jump in the sack you’ve got a knack for all the stuff we did

You just need one more skill to bloom
lean towards the light inside your gloom

Little girls
Are nice for dates
While Venus flies

Love lays in wait
Trapped in a year of daily agony inside
and I’m too empty now to kid
Grow on me adult orchid
Our shallow roots blew over in the desert breeze
It took a while but all the wrangling finally dropped me to my knees
Getting up’s not half as tough, I can do that from down here
Just close your eyes and rise inside release your anger without fear

There’s bumps on the road
Don’t get tripped up by licking toads
Twilight’s calm
But darkness comes
Open your blinds
Let full moons shine
We’ve got long rows of love to sow
so it’s time we did
take my hand adult orchid

So much feeling in such a numb man
Pain courses my veins, vultures land
Alley cats don’t beg at me
I’m their kind as they can see
Honor among victims, please
Spare honor from the thieves who can’t steal it
One thing not nailed down, yet they can’t wield it

My friend Henry passed by here years past
Told me just one thing is built to last
Souls that remain honorable to the grail
Not a trinket, dog, ma, fee or male
Post your sign of loyalty not bail
Casa grande’s not the tree, just a fruit
Good art, bad art, modern art, all kinds loot

Her memory lingers with her voice
Endless options without any choice
Would I have chosen this route?
Two cents sounds like bargain tout!
Salesman seemed credible without clout
Can there really be no winning pair here?
They sell ad space, won’t buy truth from sight-seer!

Indifference found a charity cause
High mileage wear by warranty clause
Tired out but entire view
Promises placement for two
A ‘Z’ starts the line, who knew?!
Every artist, author and painter did
Lucky me, I got here just as wealth hid

Who cares. I’m in it for the love
Of a wonderful woman. Goodnight,
My friends. To Kelly with love.