In a Utopian cycle of change toward meaningful conclusions and back again there are necessarily groups of citizen ideals that become “recycled”. Perseverance of former leaders and stewards maintains interest of those groups and a sense of involvement as they are led to new ideals following successful outcomes – to build a staircase upon them. This also prevents fractures from forming through role modeling moves to Joy of Life that maintains a connection to complimentary paths of improvement and renewal reflecting the complimentary linear means of multi-stage achievements.


Issue currents* allow the formerly elected to maintain support of their ideals – preventing the corporate sector from replacing their perspectives of personal value in politics with the office of corporate whim d’jinni in order to catch up their wealth to those who did not serve the public. Interest groups then find their niche and value to an issue current in order to achieve support in Washington D.C. In this way, the wise hold on to and improve their wisdom and create a more meaningful position for themselves at the tops of mountains awaiting the next gondola lift of corporate seekers to match with new expertise and achievements guided by their competence and perspective from the past.

*- Issue Currents are a new form of PAC which defines a broad interest of society led by formerly elected and appointed officials in order to lobby, innovate and improve upon them across a long segment of time. In this way they are political parties for issues as they stitch ongoing ideals into long-term success of the nation. (

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