Considering the notion of struggles versus challenges gives rise to the understanding that expectations of long-term political stalemate in America are unfounded. Based upon the current climate of nonsense disinterest I suggest U.S. politics is poised to make a strong impression on the American public and the world.

Consider the difference between struggles and challenges for a moment. For too long, issues of cyclical interest residing within the struggles of America have been dealt with by controlling their symptoms. For instance, issues of immigration importance were primarily jobs issues or crime issues with no correlation to immigrants understood by citizens. Yet projection of the problem onto immigrants and the immigration facet of control “felt” ok enough to go along with – again and again.

Struggles of crime in the environment of our lives or difficulty in finding work to earn money are also easy-to-understand reasons why, I suggest, struggle issues deserve solutions. That they have been handed management by Congress is a symptom of leadership opportunity going unmet by the Executive Branch or leadership solutions going unrealized to successful outcome.

As we embark on a future in which political drama inspires indifference from the public who are eager to share patience with sincere politicians it is a meaningful time to reflect on how we handle struggles of the American people for the sake of the inspirations built upon solutions to those problems which are currently undermining civic confidence, trust and faith.

Perhaps the best place to look for a role model is the military. In my lifetime, the vast majority of leadership opportunities – uncertain belief in successes shared as faith exercises with the public – have comes from the military sharing their beliefs with presidents who then share their belief in those generals of wartime prominence with the American people as a faith. Charting a leadership path of civilian importance with an uncertain, principled outcome in its sights is exactly the way to recognize the strength of the White House and the all of us who are ready to give our leader faith for our shared inspirations.

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