Kelly Yvonne Zuniga
Thanks For Everything, Bradley Fietsam

Book of love poetry written during a tortured separation from my girlfriend. Fifty-five months and counting…

You were always one I wanted most

One I never thought I’d lose
Ability to feel my heart
Left me no one else to choose

Found you in odd circumstances
Yet fell in love that first night
Bliss caved in nothing much like sin
More like two in paradise

You’ve been gone so very long now
Almost longer than you stayed
Were you just a part of their troupe?
The angry ones that stayed and played?

I know each of us is able
We can take up any part
Of this real outlandish fable
Meant to bend and break a heart

I’ve hung on to the leading role
As my family has before
This time it didn’t matter much
Crucified by loss at the door

Anacreon was exalted
Yet I cannot figure out
Just how crippled credit vaulted
When deep love is drained ’til out

Thanks for everything I’ve gotten
Some of which was not given
Still I wonder when we’ll become
Two and a crayon in Heaven

Not that I am waiting my dear
Waiting’s almost killed my life
What is the value of living
While dying daily for my wife?

They say horror counts in dog years
If that’s the case I’m due
Fifteen of feast for my drained tears
All cried out and over you

When you decide to follow me
Remember to telephone
Until then I loathe tomorrow
Spent counting days all alone

Kelly is the Libra Dragon
I’m that lucky Aries cat
Wherever we two meet again
Is where the future is at

Sky of blue
With seats for two
I sit smiling alone
Can you be
True love for me
Red hearts humming same tone

Green grass is soft
Clouds drift aloft
Lay down and muse with me
See their faces
Flying aces
Smile at two humbled bees

Orange sun of Fall
Shines on my doll
Bathes from a far
Cute Huichol girl
You are my world
I love how brown you are

Pink cheeks round out
Bright smiles that shout
Eclipse the sun and stars
Let’s walk to night
With hands held tight
In love the world is ours

Don’t ever think
Our ship will sink
It’s lighter than the air
My perfect gal
My one best pal
Two hearts in perfect pair

Next up on stage
Aquarian Age
Expert on life and love

He takes his seat
Seemingly upbeat
For the one he speaks of

Kelly Yvonne
Zuniga and on
Off-stage brushes back tears

Tough to know why
Mistreating this guy
Lasted for several years

Pulls out a pun
Then another one
Magic 8-ball on cue

Behind those laughs
He suffers perhaps
For saying “I Love You”

Please red rover
Let Kel come over
While love is still in bloom

Perfect my chick
She’s Russian I think
Race to where lost love looms

Trust no more trysts
I’m expert on this
Our futures are in synch

Best emotion
Happiness ocean
It’s deeper than you think