Kelly Yvonne

Kelly Zamora and Brad Felix are two ordinary people with special gifts that multiply when the two of them fall in love after a whirlwind romance in Las Vegas. Years later, following a turbulent breakup, the truth comes to light for Brad in a shadowy confrontation with supernatural beings called the D’jinn. What starts as a challenging and fun game in the basement of a Victorian mansion quickly becomes a lethal ordeal. In a panic and without his true love, Brad travels back to Las Vegas to search for Kelly not knowing that the D’jinn are more plentiful in the desert. The ensuing chaos reveals a pattern that will shock and amaze you.

12 seconds until midnight
FEBRUARY 24, 2013

I heard once on a TV show that Albert Einstein’s favorite book was “Isis Unveiled” and that he performed “mind experiments” in his study with the doors locked after he read the book. His wife had divulged this after his death. Not Mileva Marić his first wife, but his second wife, and first cousin, Elsa Einstein. The MM and EE stood out to me more than the incest. The symmetry felt nice. I wondered if it meant anything. I had an idea of why he might lock the doors to his study just to think. Drug use. Dostoevsky

As I wound down that evening and began to meditate on the ideas for a book about Kelly and me, I heard voices outside. Over the course of an hour they grew a little intimidating. When I stood on the bed to look there was no one there. Finally, I opened up the window and stared straight at the moon. I challenged it telepathically to either kill me or shut up. I decided in that moment I wouldn’t worry about anything that caused fear or threatened me with harm. I closed the window and backed away. Then went on to meditate. In about five minutes I noticed that my thinking was becoming audible. It felt as though I was speaking the answers to my own questions. I grabbed a notepad and pencil and began to write. I thought about a subject I had seen on the Internet. Femto photography, an innovation in film, allows a single second of time to be divided into a trillion pieces. This is impressive because the human eye can only split a second into about eighty pieces at most. The momentary thought of that technology and how it might be applied gave way to a rush of information. I wrote a title at the top of the page and transcribed what I began to think in my own voice – “Immortality”.


Time is perception of the individual. If a race of beings could interpret life and reality at a trillion frames per second and if they could somehow project their consciousness into another vessel that was limited to perception at up to eighty frames per second, the lifespan perception of that being would expand exponentially.

Apply that idea up and down the dimensions. At the highest level, a perception of everything at once would consider the lifespan of the universe as instantaneous. A pyramid. The all-seeing eye.

Next, consider the other facets of sight. Not speed of frames alone, but clarity. The ultimate telescope seeing at the ultimate speed – anywhere at once. Such a thing would require more than our three dimensions. Working backwards from the highest level down, the removal of dimensions would correlate to diminishing sight of all kinds down to the single dimension, or point.

Now consider how you would express or display our three-dimensional selves on pieces of paper. You wouldn’t have one. You’d have potentially thousands to reconstruct a 3D body with 2D like components. Now apply this to the one eye at the top. What would the expression of that one be in a much lower 3D world?

There are no beings. Just one. All of us.

Apply this idea to the sense of intuition. If there is one, then there must be a connection which binds the expression of that singularity in lower dimensions. By trusting, or having faith, in the sight of your upper connections you can attain a sense of knowing whatever picture or answer the connection can see with more clarity than you by virtue of its higher position. Like a lighthouse can see farther than a man at its base. The easiest connection is the closest. The 4th. Reflections on the 4th can see a little bit farther, and a little bit wider. It can be accessed quickly and for small issues happening in the near-term future. Since it too has limited sight it doesn’t necessarily lead to long-term success along your path.

The important ability then is to navigate to higher dimensions which have wider sight. Up the pyramid. As well as to accept connections from lower areas to answer the beings which may be trying to learn from you. Higher and lower in these cases are measures of vibration from the lowest shade of dark to a pure white eye vibration.

These ideas are fundamental reflection architecture. Just as the geometry of the Milky Way galaxy is the same as the geometry of a sea shell or the human eye, you can apply your understanding of one vertical silo of information to another as a metaphor in order to ascertain the truth. In other words, when a component of one pattern of thought is unknown, apply the corresponding component of what you do understand in another genre. Patterns found in biology can explain business principles, for instance. More than just metaphor. The geometry of reflections. The more you accept that patterns exist the more you will recognize them. The more you recognize the patterns the more you will trust that they are fundamental to the architecture of everything and can be relied upon.

“So, when pieces fall into a usual alignment again and again they are architecture of a specific type. An archetype,” I thought to myself. I felt a slight change in tone. The awareness that I was deducing something from what I had just heard rather than knowingly writing it down was my cue.

I put down the pencil and reread what I had written. As I read the words it made sense to me. I was surprised that I had written it all without slowing down or making any mistakes. It just flowed. By the time I had reread half of the text, I began to form a criticism of the information. I wondered how the idea of religions could fit within this philosophy. Then I picked up the pencil and my mind began to write again.

The sense of religion can be easily understood within the pyramid connectedness concept, and explains why there are fundamental shared beliefs between all religious faiths. As the pyramid is traversed downward, points in higher dimensions expand downward into their own nested pyramids of varying size. Imagine there are two points on the 5th dimension, as they splinter down to the 3rd dimension, our faith can be visualized as the connection to them. The universal truths to which those 5th dimensional points are themselves connected to an even higher dimensions are just reflections of that same idea. The truth of everything is at the very top and is shared by all. The higher you go the more that can be seen. Again – the eye.

The pencil stopped its race across the page and I thought of a problem with what I heard. Then I answered it in my own whisper.

“While sight of this scope seems like a daunting amount of information, it is offset by the fact that as you ascend, interpretation gives way to awareness.” Of course. The “eye” is aware. It doesn’t have to look, question, wonder, or demand evidence. It knows.

I was becoming even more excited. Not only was I channeling something that felt unique and honest, but I was understanding it as well. I wondered on the idea of the “Law of Attraction” and why intention required steps to reach a goal. My hand returned to its scribbling.

The goal is a location – in thought, in perspective, and in physicality. In order to maneuver your physical, mental, and spiritual components requires the same steps as traversing the connections of the pyramid, but requires the metaphor in each. Therefore, it’s easier to recognize the separation of the steps. That perspective makes them steps.

“To an aware force with mastery of intention (the eye) there are no steps. No dogma or ritual. Just instant creation,” I thought to myself. Again musing to draw my own conclusion from the information. It felt right. I could feel that this was the kind of truth that fit in and described elements of the structure below it. Geometric certainty, perhaps. This wasn’t a new religion. It was pure architecture. Practical understanding of one facet of the unknown. At least, unknown to me.

The pyramid points are not locations for us alone to traverse. Each is an entity, and can be utilized by each other. This is the idea of channeling. The Arcturian race, or any other name for “aliens” is merely the collection of like entities similar to the collection of shared religious awareness under a higher point. Remember that every aspect of a dimension shares patterns with its others. Which is the manifestation you see as races of people. Breeds of animal. Types of plant.

“Classification. Nothing inherently scary or awe-inspiring,” I thought. “Except that these ideas were all beginning to take similar shape in reflection of each other.”

SEPTEMBER 30, 2013


Only five hours to go. The temperature outside is rising as the sun goes down. In the distance I hear the crowd’s demand for satisfaction growing. The neighbors rush home in their shiny cars and dim the lights. My instinct tells me tonight is the finale. The question is not whether or not I will be killed, but by whom. And will it hurt?


The stampede began a few minutes ago. The shrieks I heard hours earlier from far in the distance now seem to be carried by those at the front of the mob. They are out for blood this time. No dam can hold them. No ghost can scare them away. The time for talk is over. I look down at the framed photograph clutched by my numb white fingers. We were so happy once.

A crash in the bedroom. Then another in the office. All the lights are out. I stare at her smile by the light of my telephone screen. The only sounds I hear now are the whispers of love and farewell from my sticky dry mouth and the teardrops that splash onto the glass.

Eighteen seconds until midnight. As I wipe the brine from her happy face a movement is noticeable in reflection. The bang rings out before I get a good look at it. Seventeen seconds. The bullet explodes on impact with my chest. No way can I survive this one. I appreciate the certainty.

I use the calm that envelopes me to look back on how I got into this mess.