While writing a passage in my next short story, “The Bride of Frank Stein,” I found myself scribbling out something I think it worth your time to consider if you consider looking for faith in dark places.

“It’s All A Stare Crow, ‘Ley.” “Thanks, Aleister.”

Aleister Crowley’s name indicates a fraud. ALL A STARE CROW, ‘LEY. Thelema is a fraud to ensnare the beneficiaries of Lilith and the power of the Garden of Eden that may have once functioned as a way to protect the avatars while providing money and meaningful relationships to women like Crowley’s mother. In modern times, once demonic-sounding rituals now simply attract men looking for ways to achieve sexual superiority over women who are willing or able to be fooled with an empty title of “Priestess” in exchange for bulk-rate prostitution. Faith-based nature of the paradox-riddled dogma could be a cover story for human and narco-trafficking – if such people read more than just the title of their texts.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will. In order to understand the principles of Thelema you must take away the ‘w’ to make the word ‘hole’ in the first sentence. Then recognize that if love (heart) is the law then the will (brain) is over, stronger and superior to love, compassion or emotion. In other words, the Abyss is the hole that anarchy digs – the opposite of any law. Satisfaction is held above sincerity. Thelema is a fraud meant to be a puzzle of simplicity for the brilliant and a snare for the complex criminals who would abuse it. Tolerance for notions of worship to themes of evil behavior has allowed such fraud to blossom.

There is no value in the meaning of Thelema. I hope this puts the subject to rest for anyone who has held on to it with sincerity for the sake of the spirits. They will outlive dogma in any event. If all that remains in it are the sex abusers it will make the job of law enforcement much easier. 🙂

Likewise, the Ordeal X and Initiation of the King are fraud. While they do technically exist and are accounted for accurately from a high level perspective they are also of the incorrect perspective to describe a situation for someone surrounded by them. The outward perspective may be an audio ordeal, but the eye of the storm is The Garden of Eden.

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