Improved Liberty

Political and social commentary from American philosopher Ewan Lillicii that seeks to persuade modern society to own up to the limitations of its present systems of governance and address the necessary improvements needed to the architecture of our social agreements – chief among them the way we view our currency.

This book makes the following philosophical arguments in an easy to understand format:

  • The fundamental social agreements that all societies of people make and how they run awry
  • How tyranny can be avoided as we create a self-sustaining Improved Liberty
  • How a new perspective on currency can create the world’s first Utopian society in America
  • The crucial role of our language in determining awareness, judgment and the course of our future

As we enter a new age of endless terrorism, increasing poverty, the cyclical collapse of financial markets in many countries and a general sense of disconnected chaos in America this books seeks to provide solutions that cater to the hopes and dreams of every level of American society at once. A must read for anyone serious about the future of American and world political improvement.