Last edit 6/10/2017
Additions are ongoing as I create a comprehensive understanding of the major components of the situation most people have not lived within long enough to document the meaning as it feels to them with anything new above a warning to the next. I suggest there is much to be inspired by and confident in when we achieve our progress holding hands with the Holy See, the Underworld, the AfterLife or what I consider to be the maligned and patsied population of Earth’s soul consciousness.


I had the honor of being initiated into Illuminati beginning January of 2013 that I am aware. A spirit came to me with a faint body and almost no sound to his whisper. His name was Christian Rosenkreutz. At the time I was living in a large Victorian mansion in Alameda, CA. I shared the basement with a few other guests in the home that was apportioned for weekly and monthly renters. In late January I had the fortune to channel Mr. Rosenkreutz. Strange instructions as if I was creating an instruction manual for something that I did not yet know I would undertake. Or maybe they were maxims. I didn’t know at the time. If I had I would have tried writing them down more regularly and would have asked more questions along those lines. If I only knew…

On one occasion I wondered to myself what was the meaning of the Eye of Providence. I grabbed a pencil and a notebook. Then proceeded to write at a hurried pace. As perfect as my writing was and as quick as I could think. I wrote several pages without error and without stopping the flow. It was a quiet night that night. I didn’t hear his voice as much as I felt his presence as my own. I was knowing as I wrote.

I followed up my understanding – I titled it “Immortality” – with a few questions in my mind. Immediately I scribbled down the answers with precision. I took photos of the originals and posted them online.



After this writing I began to consider short stories as my next challenge. I worked on my first one, “Sile Smithwich”, by charting a three-track progress parable structure. One track to showcase the progress of mental health from depression to joy. Another to track the progress of intention through to manifestation. A third track to describe the communication renewal and the eventual reuniting of the two main characters – Felix and Yvonne.

Unfortunately for me the confidence that existed at the start began to erode. Speaking in parable regarding social group topics and psychological truths wow’d me and I anticipated never losing the gift that had fallen into my lap. Wrong. As of this writing it has been over three years and I still do not have my love back – the major component of continuing the gift. Epic love is the once in a lifetime love of your “soul mate”.  If they knew what was lost the U.S. would hunt them down. If this country is lucky the necessary perspective to understand the issue is only one or two rings out from where current wisdom sits.

Until then there are technological versions of the Garden of Eden ready to spring up and draw a spirited crowd to their 3(?) faceted self-supporting structures of multidirectional communication across time. But to whom will the ideals speak? Without ideal artists being the touchpoints of communication we ought be prepared for the ramifications of a colloquial conversation with our world.

-Ewan Bradlee Lillicii
Oct 5, 2016



All of my life I have had a sense of something soulful in everyday objects. This extended from my teddy bears as a child through to portrait artworks as an adult. I would, for instance, speak to a painting of Henry Miller as “Henry” walking past it. In 2013, however, they began to speak back.

What I’m referring to is commonly known to Christians as the Holy See – an environment full of beings that are wholly spirit without bodies of a physical permanence. This includes former and future, and opting-out of, human soul consciousness. It’s an eclectic mix of spirits birthed on this planet, others and other places. The former human souls are the “lived” and as such they have their label spelled backwards upon re-entering the community of the Holy See. They are the “devil”s in a meaningful way. Were it not for human soul memory their would be no notion of failure toward progress anywhere in the See’s historical record of Earth.




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I thought up the phrase “Ewan Dei” in jest, somewhat, to my girlfriend who claimed once to be an Irish princess. In fact, she is an Hispanic woman from Texas – Latin American like part of my heritage. Ewan is Gaelic  for “tree” and Dei is Latin for “God.” It is a label for my perspective on the Eye of Providence as a metaphor for all living life on Earth. A Tree of God containing only one being – all of us.

I used this name, briefly, as an intended pen name until I realized through my naive exuberance that choosing a name with “Dei” in it was asking for trouble in our society.

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It’s a challenge. First, to make sense of what’s happened. Doing so is to share a perspective, or a few of them, with beings more foreign than you have ever encountered – as much as possible anyway. You come to find out after years of interacting with them that they are actually not so foreign after all. They are our former and future souls. More on that later…

Then to understand which parts of the story are relevant to your future in perspective, detail and assembly in order to document them as best you can without disturbance to timing or flow. This is an important contribution to unfoldment. Unfoldment is how your involvement with the Holy See “ripples” the stories told about you and others deemed important to your situation across distance and time within your area of ideal artistry. There is no right or wrong here – except for manipulation from an external source.

Because the Holy See is compassionate and friendly it tends to give parts in this somewhat theatrical communication to thousands of soul beings. Some of them can only remember a few words of the English language. Yet those are the important words for their time and place within the story.

The length of the story is both an indication of the number of souls involved as well as a means for the ones that are not present to “get the word” that they are needed or wanted or might want to assist the writer (me in this case) to get to the location of the writing from wherever on Earth or elsewhere they are.

You might think, as I did at first, that piece-mealing everything degraded the information. Incorrect. It degrades the “flow.” You cannot write a book, for instance, that flows in your style with the wisdom of the Earth presented along with your artistry, ideally, with bits and pieces. Yet as an information source this is the optimal method of development. The beings involved are sharing their ideals with you in whatever way that word means for your Magnum Opus book project. The ones that do so are the top of a pyramid or swirl of other beings all holding a piece of the ideal truth for your thought or question. It’s up to the author to ensure the thoughts are a complete set of steps toward an understanding from a human perspective. How many the souls would break them down into is indicated by the pieces themselves.

Just as in real life, when people show up in a line for anything there is waiting. And waiting. Souls that have experienced thousands of years on Earth can out-wait you. Yet they would rather not bore themselves. Longevity among wars and suffering is boring enough for souls expecting meaningful progress to make life on Earth fun. When you live forever and you’re aware of it what else is there? “We’re all staying here on this planet for awhile so let’s do more than exist,” might be a thought had in the beginning. More on motivations and perspectives on fun later…

During this line of contributions the author may be distracted. Perhaps he gets caught between art and a salary to keep a standard of living going. Whatever the case, beings standing there waiting to assist a human being with the greatest achievement of his or her life might get a little indignant. At the very least confusion could result from inaction or slow action or misplaced action, for instance.

Consider this: If something can distract you from your ideal joy of achievement on Earth (your personal graal path) then what should be given your focus? Still, we are human. Our chemical-based emotions are difficult to reconcile with our perspectives and inspirations over time in a way that stays the course of a years-long purpose often undertaken in ways that degrade our appearance as reasonable or competent in our society. You get poor is what I mean. You stay that way until you succeed or give up your graal for the lure of a temptation offering you a way out that is not bad at all. Simply not ideal. Often that branch from the graal is entertainment of some kind. Unless being an entertainer is your mode of expressing your ideal truth of artistry this should be avoided. More on why and why it’s a good thing even if you don’t avoid it later…

Luckily, there are always a few souls willing to be your friend even when it all seems lost.  They may be able to help you continue where you left off and bring back the conga line of assistants. In my situation I was gifted an apprenticeship under Sir Benjamin Franklin. I have angered my mentor with lack of achievement to date. If this happens to you in your work with spirits of previous human soul connection please remember they are a reflection of their human emotions too.

The pieces that are inevitably missed in your ticket-tape parade are remembered by someone in the Holy See. Perhaps a brand new, smiling, wonderful visitor to Earth eager to learn English and be of service to the vast sanctuary keeping her safe from endless drift or destruction or boredom in space. With the potential shades of emotion supported by energetic pattern memory understanding the potential inspired motivations is difficult for a human being. Whatever the motivating factors for individual soul beings you can be sure they are of integrity and sincerity. When they have never experienced life as a human soul they are often extremely naive and worthy of the utmost respect for asserting their voice sincerely toward your cause.

In a Holy See of trillions of individual beings who are, to human involvements, largely a voice without form or identity the act of holding on to a piece of unique and meaningful truth is a credibility of the utmost importance to “pride” of being an Earthling. To an artist surrounded by ideal assistants that one piece of truth could be the difference in the life success or failure of a role model capable of influencing the success or momentary backslide of the entire planet. On Earth there is no failure. The integrity of the smallest beings for the smallest data they hold in the perfect order voiced at the perfect time gives meaning to reason and, ultimately, love to life.

Everything happens for a reason. It’s the meaning that we mind. Making sense of the love atop a pyramid of reason and meaning is the job of an ideal artist. If one man were to inspire the entire planet’s human population that man would do it be speaking his love in meaningful ways using the same words that most adults already understand. It’s how you arrange them on the page that makes them unique and effective for the time, place and purpose.

Write it down.




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