Thinking on the issue of conflict diamonds today I had a thought that could improve output of diamond mining and promote capitalism at the same time. Countries in which poverty is rampant and human slavery is a common means of boosting employee population can benefit from thinking in terms of the California Gold Rush.

Government assistance (aka ‘Handouts’) to industry are nothing new. To jump start an industry that benefits the entire society I feel that targeted investment without necessity to repay the capital is a good thing. In the case of mining, the United States came up with a brilliant solution to preempt a potential environmental disaster, accelerated the growth of gold acquisition with thousands of prospectors bird dogging veins, and stimulated the northern California economy and sense of accomplishment in preparation for confident growth and milestones of social success like the golden Gate Bridge. Mining claims.

Encouraging mining claims for diamond mines will have the same effect. Here are the benefits I predict:

  • Society will encourage the creation of an upper class that is spread out across the country. Making purchases, building a home, gaining education and improving the areas in which the claims are made.
  • Like gold claims in America, mining claims for diamonds also ensure that individuals ad small machinery are at the helm of excavation. Large scale operations tend to make a bigger progit using methods more harmful to the environment. When the land is yours to live on you’re more likely to take care of it as well.
  • Hard to reach areas or difficult terrain might be a nuisance to a large corporate mining company. For an individual these regions can still make a comfortable profit for the principal miner and any subordinates he hires in his small business operation. Diamond brokers will increase their intake as a result of miners in otherwise overlooked areas.
  • Long-term success begins with a foundation of strong entrepreneurship that carries a nest egg with it to the industries that come next. Seed funding a nation’s future small and medium-sized business owners with the land and opportunity will ripple into the future as confident citizens of means remain in their countries to lift it and their friends and family out of poverty by example.

Here’s another way that role modeling a reflection of gold mining claims is a big winner…


It’s time that startup incubators were placed in the hands of industries that can benefit from them. Why should investors that add little value by comparison have such a strong role to play anyway? Imagine this… Tesla Motors develops a modular electric engine constructed from aluminum and super-strong plastics. The engine is so light-weight it can easily be moved from one golf cart-sized vehicle or machine to another. In order to create a solid foundation on which to launch such a “platform invention” Tesla buys a warehouse and outfits it with artist units.

Each of the units is “claimable” by anyone with the know-how to create a machine that operates using the new Tesla modular motor. Could be a mini dump truck for a farm. Could be a one-seater aircraft. Could be a boat of some kind. Or a submarine. Perhaps it’s the apparatus for a Boy Scout troop-sized camping group to power their summer camp. Whatever the artists dream up is one more general direction for the rest of the world to consider the Tesla modular motor operating within.

The main warehouse provides the motors, motor experts and the common corporate components (accountants, HR, marketing, sales, customer service, etc) to make the business side of things easy for entrepeneurs. The incubator owner takes less of a stake in these seedling companies because their profit is in the engines – though a reasonable percentage is fair of course. If one of the implementations fails to take off the space is made available for another inventor/artist to try again. The artist has only lost time while testing out a new idea that Tesla can learn from without committing their own R&D to the project.

The truth of those successes will resonate in the most responsible of ways. As “ideals” that have been hand-held through the ins and outs of using the Tesla modular engine they create structures, processes and frameworks of thought that other inventors may then follow up on to create their perfect boat/aircraft hybrid machine. The public benefits as well. Every machine will carry the quality and workmanship and warranty of a Tesla Motors engine.

For a follow-on to this idea read Modular Managed Corporations.

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