The act of worship is a notion found in the context of religious belief. There are other facets of audience which rise to that level which, I suggest, should be considered when analyzing the outcome of such attendance. Let’s consider some of the many forms found in our society.

Politicians are the role model of conservative better behavior in our country. (So if you have trouble balancing your checkbook…) They inspire us to understand and work within the structure of our country in order to accomplish a meaningful life and contribute to society through the political process when possible.

Celebrities are artists who have achieved a high level of skill in telling truth through their forms of art. They are role models of individual Graals (life paths and purpose).

Dogma and rituals are the way that end points of a worship line find their grounding. Worship suspends time perspective in the shrine of tradition. Remember that tradition was at one time merely a notion of a component of a path to a point along it. It’s necessity is to inform minds of a particular time along a line in the ways that they learn best and most. As the line is traversed the wisdom that assembles itself as common knowledge moves the starting point of the path and shrinks  or recharts the path into a more effective and efficient learning line of progress.

Important to consider scope perspective when creating a relative importance theory around so-called deities. Any Earth-bound deity notion is tiny in comparison of presumed power to a deity that would architect an Universe. Except to the extent that that being may be a connection into the greater power which is suitable for a subset of other beings to use as conduit. In truth there is only one being – all of us – that is and was bored being alone. After the explosion of grief we are seated with all of our artistry and our running return to keep us happy in our progress.


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