While reading a story about the recent life and times of Malala Yousafzai, the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, a moment of awareness struck me concerning information around the world. The BBC News does a particularly great job of serving news and cultural  (conservative) information to all areas of the globe. Hollywood is the reflection of this as the leading purveyor of creative (liberal) information. The United States and Britain together form the basis of perspective on English-derived information for billions of people each day.


The oddity, in my opinion, is that the United States is comfortable allowing their part of the pair to be the creative arts. From a domestic perspective, elected (conservative) role models of proper behavior do not give much respect to their creative role models to their right and left. In truth, any life path that is traversed with love and joy is creative artistry. Politics and social architecture are but two of many of those Graals.

I suggest that this is the potential awareness to bridge understanding domestically for the importance of creative role models that maintain their love of artistry for a lifetime. Internationally, the United States is fulfilling the role that, in reflection domestically, is being filled by their leadership mirrors in the movie, television, arts and entertainment life paths. There are, of course, many other verticals of artistry. However, few of them are a pure influence to thought process like news and entertainment.

When people leave the election process behind as a result of distraction, feelings of under-representation or to follow their passion they move laterally to follow their creative role models in industry, technology, entertainment and every other path that lead them to their dream life. To maintain a level plane of insinuated respect for the role models who will later on pass those artists back to the conservative structure of government and social good ought to be a priority.

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