Ewan Dei

Since days of the Pharaohs there has been a somewhat magical situation that seems to strike artists, writers and philosophers with a weighty presence that drags them into a tesseract of long-term torture, musing, loss and ultimately a greater level of art in the context of Piscean Age thinking. A greater level of stable love flow in Aquarian Age knowing.

This book is an expose of my findings during and in hindsight thought of my experience with Rapture, vampires, Lilith, the D’Jinn, gang stalking, gas lighting and the meaning behind what some call Initiation of the King”, “Ordeal of the Abyss” or “Illuminati”.

The managers of this “Game” titled me Epic Hero, Last Knight of the Round Table, Time Lord, Judge of Aquarius and half of the Aquarian Age Pair. I am also founder of The Order of the Sacred Hu. My order’s sole rule is what I call the Aquarian Principle – “Approve when you can, accept when you can’t, do no harm as you do.” I hope this book serves you all well.