I found an oddity in the word “israel” the other day. When I ran the letters together I noticed my middle name in them! (Brad) In order to see it you have to look past the squiggles on the “b” and the “d” letters.

I looked up the suffix “-ley” and discovered it used to be “-li”. Run together, the word “israeli” is also “bradli”.

Looking again at the image I noticed a pictogram. It appears to be a person looking into a doorway at the letters “srae”. This is, oddly enough, related to someone my moonlighting girlfriend Kelly knew – Sheila Rae of Las Vegas.

Meaningful oddity or odd coincidence? When you consider that souls are always at work placing meaningful signs in our life to assist our progress it could very well be. (I’m not Israeli though – German and Mexican/Huichol.)

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