Most people have heard of behavior control. Few consider that behavior control is merely one facet of behavior manipulation. In this context, if we can agree that “control” and “limitation” are the same thing then consider the outcome over time. If a society employs only behavior control and the behavior of a population expands over time while behavior limitations shrink the environment of that society then at some point either limitations will have to decrease or the society will become stale and indifferent – destabilization.


Behavior Improvement

Luckily, the other side of the coin is Behavior Improvement. In this context, “improvement” is, I suggest, the same thing as “Utopia”. Behavior cannot be manipulated directly when it is expected to improve over time. Instead, it must be guided by proxy. Psychological awareness, support and guidance are essential. In other words, the environment can be defined as a flexible border that expands over time. Specifications within the environment, however, will defeat the purpose. If you reflect this understanding into the United States society it means that laws (specifications) should lessen over time as principles (environment) steadily take over to inform the proper behavior of citizens.

A society that increases laws perpetually has no genuine faith that it can improve itself. There must be a tipping point where laws grow in ambiguity, where regulation and legal specifications expire and where the judgment of both the citizenry and the justice system can be trusted to decide in instances where principles appear to have been breached. In sacred geometric terms this is the structural component of a path towards Utopia. The compliment to structure is detail – the artistry of choice. A true Utopia leaves the joy of artistry for the individual to decide.

To understand the concept of Sacred Geometry read Neopolitan Fractal.

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