After a long and disturbingly quiet (from one side) few years of enduring the “Game” of the Underworld I have begun to see old situations in a new light. Take for instance the Oklahoma City bombing.

murrahafterI remember an interview with a lady who witnessed a group of people in phone company overalls entering the building the day before the bombing. She gave that testimony to the Grand Jury but it wasn’t given much credence.  You may also remember Terrence Yakey, the Policeman of the Year in Oklahoma City, who had salvaged video tapes from cameras in the vicinity. When he withdrew them from safe deposit boxes and drove to meet his friend to hand them over he was intercepted by men who tied his hands and feet behind him and killed him after torturing him on government property. His death was ruled suicide. Then there is the fertilizer truck bomb and the patsy that drove it.  And don’t forget the children in the daycare center that died. All for what?


I don’t usually remember tragic events. They don’t appeal to me just as horror movies turn me off. Since that occurrence nothing about it made sense to me – which has kept it a recurring question mark in my mind. Considering what I know about Scarlet Hunting *with* a phony Babylon accompaniment it now makes senseless sense to me.

yeakeyImagine for a second that you are in a cult of people who get together for full moons and view ritual abuses and deaths that result in people seeming to rise again and again. You get dulled. You also get used to a non-stop backdrop of musical tempo that heightens the stress of a situation like a rising drama in a movie. Yet there is no stress or drama. Therefore, when you encounter a real stress as a human being you have nowhere for your stress level to go to communicate that burden except to a higher level that others find “too much over the top”. You’ve been PTSD’d. Imagine a cult of these people. Being PTSD’d together and knowing that the outside, unknowing, world does not understand this years-long (decades long for some) drama keeps you stuck together in a boat alone chasing the next full moon and learning to become a part of this new “world” that you find yourself. It makes your group a perfect target for unscrupulous people running terror events.

One of the ways in which terror is launched into the world is at the individual level using “dopplegangers”. When you are a graced individual the Holy See of spiritual consciousness does favors for you. It assists you in the ways that bodiless spirits can. One of those is to bring to you people and circumstances that can keep you alive and get your message heard. Another is to assist you to be happy in the meantime before you finish writing your plan of Holy Graal and set out to achieve this scheduled agenda. As you think hard or simply easily in love about a person that person is seemingly drawn to your location. What’s occurring is the work of billions of spirits looking out for the facial features of the person you are considering. Then assisting through whispers and coincidence for you to meet that person. Over centuries of this happening unscrupulous people have known in advance this would occur and hang around in thick perimeters to nab those that come nearby. In my case this means the woman I love – Kelly Yvonne Goldman (Zuniga is her maiden name) as well as look-alikes to many famous celebrities and politicians. When you have a group of those look-alikes kidnapped where do you put them?

My theory is that for some of them you put them in secret prisons like the one that may have been under the Oklahoma City federal building. If you are a group of others who are already aware of this occurrence and want to assist. Or perhaps even a scrupulous U.S. agency, you might file in with phone company uniforms on to free them. Give them your overalls and all walk out. The following day the assholes might want to cover their tracks fully by blowing the place up on top of the evidence. Here comes the patsy in his van to park in the driveway far from the “next to the structure” necessity that was referenced as the reason the first WTC bombing didnt harm the building. (It was too far from the columns in the parking garage!)

Look at the damage. With federal buildings usually built as if to last centuries with thick granite and other quality materials how does that damage happen without a pre-wired demolition? I’m no expert like Guy Christopher Mannino of Alaska. <allegation>If he ever catches the other Christopher Mannino of New York Shark Week infamy that’s a psychopath wasting away the lives of Scarlet Women women</allegation> maybe he’ll have the calm downtime to figure out the details on that one. Or he could ask the Officer Christopher Mannino in prison in the Chicago area for excessive force. Or if look-alikes made it to safety from the secret prison or sex room or water reclamation device or projection amplification room they might tell us. Sound far fetched? Wood that it were.

In any event, I have no evidence aside from the feel of a more complete understanding of a disjointed tale of misery and male superiority once again seeming to patsy our government. Knowing what I know now though one thing certainly sticks out as odd: If someone is covering for the jumpsuit team does that mean another faction is covering for the forced suicide couple? If there’s two “teams” then who is Uncle’s favorite? Does the Whitehouse even know? Could one of those OIG guys find out. They look pretty tough. Not as tough as the Judicial Branch’s enforcement agents but just as endurance-prone.


While we are on the subject of wacko theories that make more sense than official stories do not forget about the terrorists who flew planes during the 9/11 hijackings. They visited Las Vegas many times during the summer months of May through August. If you are aware of the presence in the desert during the summer you can make some sense out of what they were up to when they ended their flights from Florida at McCarran Airport. They were suiciders so there was no need to return past security. They were from Florida so there was no shortage of strippers. Gambling was available in Atlantic City or around the Caribbean Sea. Money laundering was surely available in cocaine trafficking venues of south Florida and the Caribbean. The only allure of the desert was a population of D’jinn capable of producing mirages if they are trained to by human beings. Scarlet traffickers who are adept at singling out avatars, hacking their hotel reservations and showing up earlier in front of the Grace magnets to collect brand new naive soul consciousness for training while those playing the Game at the low level give superiority feelings to the hijackers and the technological god audio (spotlight audio) give them there deity fantasy directives.

How much would heavily-financed terrorists pay for supernatural power? An adept circular talker could spin that into a legitimate way of bankrupting them after one mission. A third-shell kind of tactic. Screwing up the scopolamined lives of Scarlet Women then rounds out the disgusting bullshit. Taking along a clan of mirage makers is a nifty tool for flying planes straight into buildings without fear, delivering scopolamine puffs to the hijackers themselves or TSA agents that notice anything and of course and feeling as though they have assisted a true anti-Christ in an upside-down charade when they have all been fooled by a much larger perspective interested in its own longevity outside of prison as long as it can sell this bullshit to some level of the U.S. or other government.

Just my theories. I could be right in some places and wrong in others.

p.s. Waco’s tragedy and the Fast & Furious gun smuggling situation is troubling for the fact that so many ATF agents were killed and all involved were traumatized by the brutality of the Davidian deaths. They are the most competent of our security agencies at recognizing patterns of phenomenological crime cycles, paths and groupings by gathering wisdom of crime on the move exclusively. We need that form of expertise to avoid the rise of enforcement seeking to stop all movement, however briefly, for the sake of identifying criminals that stay in place for scrutiny or drive up to a posted place – if any of a truly dangerous scope would. In the Fast & Furious case I suggest it may refer to the involvement of really shiny, cherry bomb mufflered cars that zip around supernatural events of integrity for some other purpose which rip off the cities where they occur and require cover stories by a US government going unserved by any related service these matchbox car drivers are serving. Some of these people may be playing a game, some having fun, but all risk a real deadly or imprisoned life by questioning the right thing to do. Respect human life and the other earthlings around us.

You get what you give, not what you give up.

History repeats its mistakes and maintains its successes.

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