Along Lonely Road

Book of poetry created on a fifty-four month journey through the Valley of the Shadow of Death on the way to illumination. Dedicated to his long lost girlfriend, Kelly Yvonne Zuniga.

(stanzas 12 – 16)

Reading all the lyrics I find
Ideal artistry sounds close at hand
Librarian “sush” reminds
Hell’s angel choir flies down street
Mufflers scarfing up all my beat
Cupid’s harpoon leading the band
Pink bows on red wings look so meek
White leather bridal dress so sleek
Another marriage procession
Catches surprised my apprehension

Clouds from Nevada blowing in
Adding silver to my gold yin weight
Credit balance of my sins
Apothecary’s pigeons part
For falcons return from the start
Ra’s cold-pee coal train, Injun’s date
From here is where life takes a turn
From Eden’s Hagman locked in urn
D’ante’s allegory creates
Philosopher King razed per legates

Used pennies served to fill the tank
Found highway angles round in circles
Loveless three-angled mean prank
Somehow approaching same off-ramp
No mail for help without a stamp
Catching stillness thrown by windmills
Too heavy for an even hand
Too light for only one free hand
When others understand my perch
Will they believe or renounce the Church?

Can’t find a way back to the East
Besides witches too wicked will know
Good health famine from my feast
Join nickel to a quarter tank
Following sunset south with thanks
Rain tucks cold bed over warm glow
Ember smolders with a fury
Never slowing constant hurry
D’Js join in radio calls
Barreling forward down through the falls

Took wrong turn at Albuquerque
Harpie loon over-tuned underneath
Rough road, smooth engine quirky
Ice drips sizzle down from low clouds
Suburban malls replace tough crowds
Fang-toothed cats nipping Christmas wreath
Guard dogs safe inside chain-linked fence
Beg promise note signed for three pence
No cred’ takers give these seasons
Wrong turn again for all right reasons

You and I can see a sea
A deeply cold reality
Sticks around to be a bee
A buzzing friendly honey tree

 Suddenly all nays and neys
Become the only thoughtful ways
Seems to think I have the eyes
Becomes their only thoughtless prize

 Still wonder if truth is true
Less truthful words are turning blue
Carrying my signs and sign
Christian d’or opens Lily’s mine

After thirty-seven months
Or is it forty-one?
Nothing wondered understood
Expectant for just one 

Eating lunch at 10AM
Dinner half past 3
Counting ’til I fall asleep
Wake to reset drudgery

 Shuffle down a grocery aisle
Linger on a choice
Turn down the TV volume
Thought I heard your inside voice

 Wishing you were here
Hoping where you’re not
Knowing all my wishes
Replace dreams I’d almost caught