A Query On Shift

Leaders walk a path that is worthy of telling in story by metaphor. The structure of that story metaphor is what the mind uses to calculate a presumption of path for the body and behavior to follow. The details of the story are irrelevant for that purpose unless they are somehow confused with the structure by the individual. For instance, if you think you have to wear sandals to be an effective prophet like Jesus Christ you are thinking of a detail incorrectly.

The makeup of the universe is Sacred Geometry. When you think of a fractal image you are seeing a metaphor of the symmetrical geometry of everything. The unthinking, replicating framework of life. At a close-up view it may seem unique, yet the farther you remove yourself from the detail of your analysis the more clearly you observe the pattern as symmetrical and repeating. In most fractal images the difference is shown in one aspect only – size. The “sacred” aspect of the universe is intention, choice, will. This asymmetrical brings artistic expression to the fore. The symmetry of a skeleton, for instance, is the geometry all humans share. Yet the color of skin tone, the smoothness of a leg, the whiskers under a nose or a pair of colored eyes are what add greatness to the equation.

There is a skeleton for art too. That skeleton is the Scarlet Woman and the adventure taken by an epic hero to win her love. This adventure is the basis for every work of art that achieves mention within society. Every song lyric that makes a hit, every book, every painting. The details are the metaphors which artists use to make their skeleton come alive with their own personal truths.