Resistance is feudal.

It's the mark of an artist to accept all thoughts while entertaining his own. Artists are faithfully aware that anything is possible in every number of ways.

Aristotle Kaleidoscope

The richness of life is the asymmetry that's ideal in the perspective of an artist.

Ideal Artistry

Time honors tradition while intentional creation of new tradition honors time.

Ewan Lillicii

Artists create diverse maps of the same road in colors, sounds, words, ideas, and every other way for human progress.


The one truth of existence is progress toward perfection.

The One Truth

Approve when you can, accept when you can't, do no harm as you do.

The Aquarian Principle

Power is lent energy aggregated by means of representation or control.


Certain girls are never wrong. Thoughtful girls are always right.

Liberty looks like flagging American faith - restored and storied for the next thousand years.

Chief among the acts of power is to give back the power lent to all in every number of ways.


The one voice that answers all voices in question and speaks for all voices in reply.

Ideal Leadership

Artistry overpowers its complement for a moment as they share a stillness that overpowers them together with empowerment.

Ideal Artistry

Taxes are the surest form of Faithful Currency Source - the integrity of everyone's work. Unanimous consent is the surest form of Faithful Expenditure - the integrity of what works for everyone.

Unanimous Consent
Book of poetry created on a fifty-four month journey through the Valley of the Shadow of Death on the way to illumination. Dedicated to his long lost girlfriend, Kelly Yvonne Zuniga.
Selected Poetry from “She Sells See Spells By The Sea’s Shore”, “The Storm Before The Calm”, “Looking For My Last Girlfriend” and five new poems – “Truth”, “Psalm Artistry”, “Vaulted Ceilings”, “Time Values of Mummy” and “Plain Truth”.
Based on a true story of love surreptitiously tortured in Las Vegas, NV. This novel is the entry point to understanding the true crime of Illuminati Sex Trafficking undertaken by a group of people far removed from Illuminati-initiated artists.
This fun trip through a macabre world of ghosts and mirages in modern urban environments is a fictionalized diary of the time leading up to and the months following a Rapture that begins the process of Catholic Grace.
This fourth book of poetry from Las Vegas poet Ewan Lillicii showcases a return from the depths of bitter torment at the hands of the Ordeal that surrounds the so-called Scarlet Woman affair.
In his second collection of Scarlet Ordeal poetry, Ewan Lillicii brings the joy of remembrance and pain of separation from his most epic love straight into your heart.
A concise argument for the strengthening of Capitalism, our justice system and our communication environment in preparation for a Renaissance-style economic and social boom in the U.S.
A whimsical journey into experimental literary formats and meaning architecture that moves with the story and character progress in many unique facets.
Love poetry for Kelly Yvonne Zuniga. She is my epic love, epic truth and half of my miracle thoughts. The epic truth that resonates around us, our city, our state, our nation, our world and forward into time.
This third poetry collection from Las Vegas poet Ewan Lillicii finds a bright side to the misery of solitude while enduring the excrutiating ordeal of the abyss seventeen months after his first conversation with Christian Rosenkreutz.
Wealth of the World is the long-awaited solution to every major social and economic States and the world.
A science fiction drama metaphoring the current state of our national psychology and demonstrating a way out of our decreasing perspective space that steps out into a vast world of opportunity.
A collection of poetry dealing with the love, misery, inspiration and fantasy that accompany a devotion to the modern manifestations of Lilith – the Scarlet Woman.
This book is an expose of my findings during and in hindsight thought of my experience with Rapture, vampires, Lilith, the D’Jinn, gang stalking and gas lighting and the meaning behind what some call Initiation of the King”, “Ordeal of the Abyss” or “Illuminati”.
Agent Frank Nicola Stein works for the Department of Energetic Intelligence as an undercover investigator that spies on miracles of periodic occurrence – The Garden of Eden.

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